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Cruzan pineapple rum

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11 Cruzan Pineapple ratings

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Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Cruzan Pineapple has nothing to do with aged rums. It is just a sugar overload liquor masked as a Caribbean rum to tourists. The pineapple flavor is very artificial and overpowering sugar just smashes you straight in the face. My suggestion is to skip the entire Cruzan lineup altogether.

Not too sweet with a mild pineapple flavor. easy to sip or mix

Very cheap and worth more in my books, very flavorful and great for a not so powerful rum.

One of the better pineapple rums, really goes great with anything coconut. You know.....keeping it tropical.

I love pineapple but pineapple rum just doesnt quite do it for me. I would rather have the mango or banana cruzan.

its a typical mix drink rum nothing to fancy good for vodoo juice

You might try to mix it with Curacao or fresh pineapple juice. . As a pure sipper its synthetic and not the way i expected

This one is a bit harsh for me as far as flavored rums go. Definitely not on par with coconut, mango, or guava from Cruzan.

I don't drink this straight up, actually is never hits my glass, but we use it for fruit desert enhancements and ice cream toppings. Guest will have it as an after dinner liqueur and they find it tasty but a little syrup like.

A good choice when you want to start off your mixed drink with a pineapple rum.