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Cruzan light rum

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I get very little aroma on this one. A little vanilla on the tongue. Very little burn. Finishes with little after taste. I will likely keep this add a mixer.

Better than most light rums. Very good in rum punch.

This is a good rum for mixed drinks, cheap, gets the job done

Here is a "good" basic rum, can be a bit harsh, but generally a good mixer for drinks like monitor or rum punch. We I worked on St. Croix a bottle of Coke cost more than a bottle of Cruzan so we mixed about equal parts.

Yes, there are plenty of outstanding light rums out there, but for the price, nothing can beat Cruzan aged light. It's my "go to" rum for parties. The soft, mellow finish makes it the anti-Bacardi. It is unassuming and allows flavors to blend well without overpowering them. The price point puts it at the top of the pack for a mixer.

Dependable, not expensive and won't taint a drink with an odd aftertaste. I liked it, but nothing impressive about it.

This is a great choice for mixing in any tropical fruit drink, in a Cuba Libre or in a basic mojito, and avoids the naphthalene qualities of most white rums, such as the ubiquitous but horrendous Bacardi "Superior." Any bar or restaurant could do well by making this their well rum. Not really a sipper but it is great in just about any basic tropical cocktail and at a great price. Just a nice all-around inexpensive rum. Try touching this off with a little bit of Mount Gay Black Barrel for a pleasing combination taste, particularly in a mojito.

I've had a couple decent white rums for mixing, but this one so far (Aug. 2016) is my go-to rum for daiquiris and mojitos. It provides an excellent taste, without any off flavors. It's not citrusy, more nutty, with a little bit strong alcohol burn. It's okay straight, but I wouldn't quite call it an entry-level sipper. I'll definitely be keeping this around provided the importer keeps bringing it in.

I am usually a dark rum guy, it was 90 plus degrees at a little river side cafe and light seemed like a good idea. It was pleasant, it tasted like rum and not a bourbon barrel which is one thing I really like about the Cruzan products I have sampled. It drinks quite smooth straight. For me a nice refreshing rum.

This is definitely one of my light go to mixers, especially if I have to make a load of drinks and I want to do so on the cheap. This replaced Bacardi Superior along time ago in my cabinet due to flavor and smoothness. It's a bit aged and I'm guessing not filtered. Has noted of wood on the backend of the palate. It can make anything from your favorite tiki drinks, coladas to daquiries. I also use this with whole vanilla beans to produce my own vanilla extract. Much better than the imitation store crap!

Had this in a lot of mixed drinks on our honeymoon. Definitely a good change up from the standard white rum

OK I admit I really liked 10 Cane rum, its sweetness and light flavor - it was fun to just drink. So now its gone and thus far CL is the only rum I've found close to that label of "fun" rum, sit back relax just simple to drink.

I like my spiced and aged rums the best but this is my go to when needing a clear rum for cocktails.

huge alcohol burn up front then a watery note and oak on the back end but only slight would go well mixed with juice or soda i think

Good for Mojitos but otherwise prefer darker rums for mixing with cola or for pina coladas. I think this is smoother than Bacardi or Don Q.

Clear. Has a little bite up front. Perfect for mixed drinks

Very similar to Bacardi white rum, which I personally can't stand. I call it industrial grade rum that has no relation to the real thing. Cruzan Light is a bit better, but best used in a pinch or when the budget is limited!

If you have to, this will work. Not too expensive. For mixing only.

I use this for mixing drinks like Daiquiri's and Pina Colada's.

A rum that is fine by itself but a great mixer for most cocktails.

This is my goto mixer and base for home infusions. A bit softer and sweeter than most big name white rums.

Good if you mix it but bas a little aftertaste if you drink it straight.

bought a bottle because liquor store didn't have Don Q. Pretty disappointed with it. Has an odd flavor I can't describe. Makes rum stand out in mixed drinks. Will have to suffer through this bottle until I can get more Don Q.

its a nice quality rum for the price that u pay for it