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For an entry level, opening price point this is a quality rum. Just sweet enough, mellow easy. It's a lot of rum at a reasonable price.

Cruzan Gold is my favorite all around rum, mainly for mixing. Smooth, flavorful, and nice aroma, without braking the bank. I have paid between $13 and $16 per 750 or liter, depending where I buy it. I make Mai Tais with Cruzan Gold and Coruba dark (see my review of Coruba). Not enough flavor, in my opinion, for sipping, as I like the darker rums for that, but not bad in a pinch, especially with an ice cube to mellow out the bite. Awesome with cola. It gets an 7 for being the best I've found so far in it's price range.

Typical rack liquor in the USVI. It gets a 7 because it not only taste better than Bacardi but its cheaper. The go to mixer is the best I can $ay.

This makes a wonderful addition to your rum repertoire at home. St. Croix produces many nice rums at better than average prices. Easily accessible at almost any liquor store in the States. These key attributes combined with a nice flavor, though the complexity is not there, makes this a nice rum for mixing.

Smooth body and finish for the price would definently buy again .. good for mixing too .

Not sure why to choose the white over this rum at the same price. Much better for classic mixing drinks. Holds up slightly higher in sipping also.

Great for mixing, but also good for drinking neat
I personally love it, it has such sweet aroma and tasty, not too sweet at all, and the price is so cheap (13$)
But would I buy it again? Yes, if I need some budget mixing Rum or if I so broke I can't afford better Rum (for sipping only)

This rum is light in body and in taste. Like drinking straight alcohol. Needs to be heavily mixed to be tolerable.

Best in mixed drinks or my wife’s rum cake. Somewhat variable in taste, bouquet and finish, at least to my palate. Decent value for the price.

Pretty simple rum with a bit of age. Almost always less than $15. Meant to be used as a mixer but I'll give sipping notes:

Bland, light, alcohol, no burn, grassy maybe but very little to say.
Heavier than expected from the light color. Spicy at first, a hint of clove or something going on, then sweet and syrupy an the back of the tongue. Sticks with you but in a kind of nice way.

Honestly had never tried this without mixing and it's surprisingly good. I feel that most people will be rating this rum on an absolute scale of best to worst but considering the price of this rum this really is a standout. Must have simply because it's so cheap, nice to sip and a great young dark rum with a bit of age and sophistication. Best you can buy for the price.

I forgot all about this one since it reminded me of leaner rum drinking times some thirty years ago. I poured an ounce into a snifter and it did not even need time to breathe. Unbelievably smooth for a 2 year old rum, with no harsh burn to boot. At only $11 per bottle, this one is a bargain to keep on hand to avoid dipping into the expensive part of one's rum collection. It is not complex enough to be enjoyed neat, but if one happens to be broke, this will do the trick. It is light years better than anything by Bacardi or Captain Morgan. Going back full circle to what was my original favorite has shown how much I have come a long way with my tastes. Many others are better, but not at this price.

Update March 26, 2018: After finally finishing this bottle, it is neither exciting nor disgusting. It is just plain bland and may even be their white rum with coloring added. My rating stands at a 6 for it being a good mixer that would not add any flavors whatsoever to a drink.

Not the most smooth, not the most refined, not the most interesting, but still smooth and enjoyable. And at its price, that's more than I had bargained for.

Ran out of mixing rum so I picked this up along with a new bottle of aged rum. Just to give it a chance I figured I'd try it on the rocks. I expected a harsh raw rum but got a nice tasting smooth drink. I'm no connoisseur,and I judge on taste and smoothness alone. No fancy adjectives as my taste isn't that refined. However this rum has a pleasant taste and nice smooth feel. Amazing value at this price.

Cruzan Gold is a very decent rum, not a great rum but still very drinkable.
It's a nice sipper and mixes well. The price is great for a solid rum.

Inoffensive, nice dry rum. A little taste of oak. Just bought a bottle at Walgreens, this stuff is better than all the Bacardi crap which fills their shelves.

Nice rum at a great price Cruzan makes good rums at great prices great as mixer works with just about anything.

Your basic rum. No great wafts of baking spice. Not a Jamaican fruit bomb. No sweet notes of sherry. Just a plain old fashioned rum kept in a refill barrel for a couple of years or so. Youthful, but a solid performer if you don't expect too much from it. Good for mixing, but also good to sip even if it's one dimensional with it's caramel and vanilla.

This rum surprised me. It is light in color and an easy sipper. Mixes well also.

Cruzan Gold is not meant to be a neat sipper although most of the outlets in Caribbean giving free tasting sessions of the Cruzan so want you to think about it as a neat sipper. Mix it with Coke and you will still get the offputting smell and a strong burn, so better to skip this one.

I picked this one up because I had tried the Cruzan White a little while ago. I'm pretty happy with both the white and this dark aged rum. It's nothing spectacular, but pretty good. The aroma I can only describe as what I expect rum to smell like. It is fairly smooth with a bit of a bit at the end. I will likely use this mainly for mixing. At just $11 a bottle, this seems like a real bargain to me.

A value mixer not a lot happening in the flavour profile initially. Its quite astringent on the nose, there is a bit of what I believe is attributed as vanilla happening when it sits on the palate. A high end 5 verging on a 6

This St Croix based rum is truly delicious. For some reason it tastes like TRASH in the states, but when you get the non watered down version in the USVI, it's a great little rum with a consistent flavor.

It's ok, definitely fare FARE from the worst I've tasted but not the best. As fare as good aged rumx go this is a solid benchmark. I'd definitely add this to my collection as a good and solid standard.

This is my favorite cheap rum. Far better than Captain Morgan, Pirate Bay, Burnets, and Bacardi. The 5/10 says it all, "Easily consumable in a bind"