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Cruzan gold rum

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For an entry level, opening price point this is a quality rum. Just sweet enough, mellow easy. It's a lot of rum at a reasonable price.

Not sure why to choose the white over this rum at the same price. Much better for classic mixing drinks. Holds up slightly higher in sipping also.

Cruzan Gold is my favorite all around rum, mainly for mixing. Smooth, flavorful, and nice aroma, without braking the bank. I have paid between $13 and $16 per 750 or liter, depending where I buy it. I make Mai Tais with Cruzan Gold and Coruba dark (see my review of Coruba). Not enough flavor, in my opinion, for sipping, as I like the darker rums for that, but not bad in a pinch, especially with an ice cube to mellow out the bite. Awesome with cola. It gets an 7 for being the best I've found so far in it's price range.

Its fairly mellow, working great in mixed drinks. There is a nice sweet finish of molasses and vanilla. Also used this in an aged eggnog recipe with gosling's rum (as well as with whiskey and cognac) and the final product was superb.

Smooth body and finish for the price would definently buy again .. good for mixing too .

Really like Cruzan 9, especially for the price. I was looking forward to trying a new Cruzan rum that I can sip on the rocks. Good aged rum for the price. Please note that this not a superior aged rum, but is good for those who like rum (on the rocks) while on a budget. As importantly, Cruzan 9 is not currently available in PA (11/2016).

Great for the price. This is a staple in our bar. Use for any cocktail and be pleasantly surprised.

People like the Cruzan name due to their flavored rums for mixing; this is a great way to use the Cruzan product for alternative party drinks like rum and cola. It's a solid rum for the price.

Bargain price and good with coke. Always have a bottle handy.

Bought a few bottles of this at the price club on St Thomas (can't remember the name), cheap, cheap, cheap. It sure added to the fun on that trip

Quite nice neat. Probably the best rum for the least money on the market.

Got this one for less than $10 a bottle. Great one to have in stock for parties.

À venir prochainement.............................

I'm a novice. Out of the limited rums I've tried, this is my favorite to sip.

I saw it on the shelf for $12. Have mixed it with tonic. I experimented with a few other concoctions including grape juice, bitters, lemon. It make a nice rum and tonic. Drop in a bit of bitters for a nice cocktail. Not one to sip neat, but a terrific value.

Agree with the others so far, really good choice for a different tasting rum and coke; especially for the price. Tried it first in St. Thomas and brought back a bottle thinking it wasn't available stateside. I clearly just never noticed it because it isnt hard to find at all haha. Awesome value and for the price, you can't not give it a try if you're a rum and coke guy.

This rum is great for mixing. It has a good price point and doesn't stand out in a tiki drink.

A tremendous bargain. And at this price point (about $15) a pretty solid and decent rum. Hard to go wrong with this rum. I thoroughly enjoy this as a mixer.

This lightly aged rum has a decent amber colour accompanied by hints of smoke and sweet smells. Straight up it's harsh and lacks flavour other than a little sweetness, however it makes a decent rum/cola. For the price, its one of the best mixing rums on the market and belongs in everyone's bar.

I will always have a bottle on hand for everyone that likes mixed rum drinks. A very good value. Rather light in color and taste but I would not sip it anyhow. Mixed with most any fruit or cola and it stands out without overpowering. If I compare it with others used only for mixing it would be a 9.

This rum has been quite tasty in mixed cocktails or the simple Rum and Coke. It balances quite well with these. However I do not like this one as a sipping rum be it neat or on the rocks. It is quite inexpensive as for my area its less than $17 for a 750ml bottle.

This rum's best attribute is the price. Mixes well enough and widely available. Not for sipping though.

This rum is just amazing for what it is,
For once its very cheap I think its like 10$ a fifth here, compared to morgan which is 17-18$.
Is it an AMAZING RUM with SUPER complexity, no.
But its an AMAZING staple rum. It sits well in ALL mixed drinks, its not over powering in its flavor, however it stands out and is very palatable. Oaky flavor with a good bit of vanilla. If you are someone who likes simple and good rums this is a must and probably your only.
Notes (too long did not read)
-Simple (can be a minus or plus)
-Vanilla Oakish Flavour

this is a nice rum low cost great in mixes good for summer party's.