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Cruzan coconut rum

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On my quest to find a replacement for when my only bottle of Koloa Toasted Coconut Rum finally runs out, this one was recommended to me. The coconut aroma is almost as good as the Kola, but that is where the good sensation ends. On the tongue, it tastes like heavy syrup, with only a slight artificial coconut flavor for the after taste. No burn at all and one would not expect this at only 21% ABV. After back to back comparisons some time later, this one belongs in the "simple syrup with coconut flavors" category. So it looks like when that bottle of Koloa runs out, I will have to suffice with Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum with real coconut flavor and it's excessive sweetness. That would be going back to where my quest all started until I lucked out to find that bottle of 80 proof Koloa a week ago.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Cruzan Coconut has nothing to do with aged rums. It is just a sugar overload liquor masked as a Caribbean rum to tourists. The coconut flavor is artificial and the sugar overload is just nasty, but to be frank this could potential work as an additional flavor to your mixed drink.

the price point grabbed me and for frozen drinks I thinks its just fine. nice coconut aroma that does not taste synthetic.

Nadaje się do drinków, lekki, dobry w smaku, nie jest bardzo chemiczny

I enjoy Cruzan rums and the coconut is a worthy choice. It comes for a very reasonable price and has good tasting coconut flavor. I prefer this over Malibu. Great for tropical drinks. Another good product from Cruzan.

Good mixing rum and can be sipped straight. Week on the alcohol content.

There are better coconut flavored rums out there, but this one is pretty smooth; probably more than most.

My wife likes it. It's tolerable but too artificial tasting for me.

Not bad for a light, refreshing summer drink, or a winter drink to remind you that summer still exists.

I like it. I wouldn't drink it often because its too sweet but around here its like 10$ a fifth. Very very sweet and has a more natural tasting coconut rather than the extract malibu uses. Its bolder than malibu, malibu tends to lose majority of its flavor in coke/mixing, this one doesnt as much . Enjoyable in mixed drinks and for the price you cant beat it.

If it was all I had, I still might not drink this. My wife likes the coconut rums, so I have it every now and then. When I do, I always have another drink of one of my favorites afterward.

Nothing more than a knockoff of Malibu. Flavor tastes oily and artificial. Mixer only.

its a typical mix drink rum nothing to fancy good for vodoo juice

Nothing to be proud of. They simply copied a wrong competitor. Even Andy M., who knows little about rums, doesn't like it.

Oversweet and underflavored. Much as I hate most of their products, Bacardi's coconut rum is actually quite good for an easy to find alternative. Brinley's is better but not as easy to find.

Cruzan is not a very flavorful line of rums overall and this particular vintage does nothing to dispel that opinion. There are better choices of flavored rums

I have been drinking Parrot Bay for a long time and decided to give the Cruzan Coconut Rum a try. I'm glad I did. They are close but at the same time very different. You get a nice coconut flavor without being slammed with sugar. I like the sweeter varieties better for straight sipping. This is great when you want a hint of coconut without as much sugar as the others. I get the taste of alcohol fairly strong, even when mixed. At the same time it is also smoother than Parrot Bay. This rum has a short finish. I find i prefer this chilled where i prefer the Parrot Bay room temperature with ice. Cruzan Coconut is my favorite coconut rum for cocktails with chocolate in them. Hey, it just works better. Pleasant surprise here.

Buy a 1.75 and use for tikis. Decent, not great, flavor and good when you are using in fruit juice.

I like this rum for daiquiris and pina coladas. Pretty much the same as most better flavored rums.

Flavored rums are well, flavored rums. Not for the purist, but every rum has a purpose. If you need a flavored rum or want something different, can't beat the Cruzan line. Because of the reduced alcohol content of flavored rums, I always supplement it with a little Aged Light or Aged Gold for some kick.

Cruzan, Parrot Bay, and Malibu coconut rums all taste about the same to me. I can drink this all day long mixed with coke. In the summer I like to mix with OJ.

Always a welcome addition to most of my mixers, just use moderation, the flavor is strong.

Love this mixed with pineapple juice - simple but effective!