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Cruzan black strap rum

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Honestly, I've only had this in a Dark & Stormy. It smells the point where some of my friends believe they should make a cologne out of it. Sheesh, it's hard to say that a black strap rum is smooth, but this one is. We tend to forget about the Cruzan brand, but it offers a solid collection of rums which are the "house" liquor in my home; meaning this is what I serve to guest. Of Cruzan brands, Cruzan Black Strap is unforgettable.

If you're looking to drink a Dark & Stormy and you're tired of hearing "Goslings, Goslings", pick up a bottle of Cruzan and enjoy some of those vanilla notes among the ginger beer. Or, even better, pick up a bottle of Kraken for a new kind of Dark & Stormy.

This is a delicious rum heavy with molasses. Many people are put off by it on first taste. But give it a second try and you'll be hooked. Great for the price.

It's a sweet maple molasses flavored rum with limited usage. I am a fan of Spanish coffee and I decided to try it with Blackstrap instead of brandy and it was delicious. A good desert coffee or treat. I consider this a desert rum altogether. That being said - I don't compare this with other dark rums as the flavors are apples to oranges.

This rum will always have a home on my liquor shelf as its interesting and it changed my coffee drinks. I like it, don't love it.

This stuff is cloyingly sweet. Reminded me of the maple syrup chug from Super Troopers. We bought this one night at a good price thinking it would be a normal dark rum and could barely drink it. We went straight back out and bought a better bottle. I saved the rum thinking it could be used down the road in a unique mixed drink in lieu of a syrup. It isn't a bad rum, per se, just very sweet and very different. I would give it a lower score but it doesn't seem fair- feels like I'm rating grapefruits in an apple competition.

As a fan of Cruzan rums, I decided to give this a try. At first sniff, the aroma of Boston brown bread came to mind. It has a stronger molasses flavor than most other rums but I also noticed hints of anise and vanilla giving this a fairly complex flavor, but it has a bit of a burn. With that said, I like this rum for a change and enjoyed it most on the rocks during my intial four-step tasting. I plan to explore mixers with this too. At about $16 US for a liter in Ohio, I think it's a good buy if this style appeals. I can think of other more expensive dark rums that I don't like as much as this.

I enjoy this rum with strong hints of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, molasses and nutmeg. I have not tried this rum mixed with soda or juice, as I enjoy sipping this neat. A slight burn going down to let you know your drinking rum, however combined with the right spice nuances, this rum should be a house rum to anyone who enjoys a fine rum.

enjoy the flavors of molasses and maple but not cloyingly sweet. A staple in the cabinet and the price is fantastic too.

You are using this to make a Dark & Stormy right? I'm not sure what else you would want to do with it. However, if you like molasses and Dark & Stormy's this works well. Personally I like Cruzan's 151 better, but this is definitely the darker of the two.

Great substitute for myers or goslings black seal in a mixed drink for a different flavor

First, off, a big Dark & Stormy is my drink of choice (not a purist, I do muddle in lime and occasionally cilantro. Yes, cilantro. If you're a person who likes the stuff, give it a whirl sometime, it adds an electric zing.), and this is probably the best rum I've found for them that costs less than $20 per bottle. Some may find it too sweet, but that and the citrus can help to balance out hotter and bolder ginger beers. It is somewhat sweet, with a warm rich taste reminiscent of late-season maple syrup, with hints of vanilla, and is quite smooth.

IMO, it makes a better D&S than other $20 and less black rums like Gosling's (Sacrilege!), Kraken, and Bacardi, though Captain Morgan is about on par with this one.

I like this strait up or in mix drinks. .have bought this for friends and they like it also

My first try of this one. There is no way I'd mix it with anything sweet (Coke, ginger ale, etc) as it's very sweet itself. Very strong molasses flavor, it's a smooth rum - I decided to cut that heavy flavor with a bit of seltzer & enjoyed it very much.

Haven't really found the dark rum of my dreams yet, but this one is the best I've had so far. Gosling's and Myers's are less interesting to me, for more money. Most likely has added sugar and/or vanilla, but I'm ok with that in this case. Great neat, has a sweet smoky vanilla/spice flavor, mild burn. Goes great with ginger beer, my favorite so far.

This stuff is massively underrated. I love keeping this stuff around in the winter time.. It has an amazing molasses flavor and it just makes you feel warm and cozy.

Smager rigtig godt. Kraftig smag fra melasse og karamel. Kan godt anbefales som hyggemøde. Men nok ikke for alle da den for mange er for kraftig.

I tried this rum and it was love at first taste. I was very surprised that it was not like the other dark rums, but had less "rum" (alcohol) flavors and more flavors from molasses that taste great on the rocks or mixed into Pepsi and certain other mixers. It's not for mixing in where a lighter rum flavor is needed (think pina coladas) because it is a bit on the heavy side, but if you like bold and flavorful, give it a shot. Or two.

The best way to evaluate dark rum is straight up. Unless you are paying a lot of money, most of them are tough to enjoy. Cruzan Black Strap is delicious with some ice, period. If you find it too strong, add a bit of water. It's the best.

Heavy Vanilla Notes. makes a good mixer for rum and cokes. too strong for anything else. but very cheap (15$ in my neck of the woods).

The nose is a very sweet almost syrupy aroma. Fortunately it's not nearly that sweet on the tounge. A bit of chared smokey flavor dominates. I had it neat but I would like to see how it works in a cocktail.

Tastes just like you would think. I had it on the rocks. It is definitely on the sweet side but the flavor is good and it goes down easy. I wouldn't buy a bottle, but it will do in a pinch.

Dark heavy rum. The molases teally comes through almost making it sweet like syrup. Very good. Smooth.

Is it very sweet? Yes. Does it have hints of maple syrup? Yes. Would many find this sacrilegious in a rum? Absolutely. Who care though. Very pleasurable and a lot of fun any way you want to imbibe. Yum yum.

Strong molasses flavour makes this rum irreplaceable when called for. A tad sweet and overwhelms when it is used as the main spirit in a drink.

Rating based on expectation to use for sipping neat or adding to cocktails. It might rate higher for cooking applications though since tasted like sweetened maple extract. I really like Cruzan Gold (Aged?).

Cruzan black strap rum