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Cruzan 9 spiced rum

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34 Cruzan 9 Spiced ratings

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Affordable sipping rum. Cinnamon and Vanilla come seem to be the more dominant flavors with a peppery aftertaste. Good for on the rocks as well as with cola.
Value for money is 10/10.

This one has a unique nose and a delightful spice to it. sweet smooth and soft on its own due to 35% ABV it really lets the spice combo shine if you drink it neat. where this rum shines is with coke. good value for the money. my go too rum when i want a rum and coke. sweet and slight vanilla with some pepper and spice. might go well with dr pepper.

This rum has an amazing pleasing aroma to it. Mainly you will smell nutmeg and vanilla. It doesn't have that bad bite like other rums in this same price range. Here it is around $12 a bottle.
All of the Cruzan rums are pretty tasty. I think mixing this might be a bit on the sweet side if cola is used.
Well worth it if you like a nice spiced rum, sweet, and not a lot of bite. Honestly, you can't even smell the alcohol.

This has become one of my favorites so far. Excellent for mixing or sipping. The only downfall is that it is not available in Canada.

Very good understated rum. Nice color with hints of vanilla and caramel. Sweet but not overpowering.

Good but not what i would desire on a friday night. Works better as a mixer. I dont really recommend as a sipping rum. But with the price and flavor it works.

Enjoy this with coke or a mixer good
value rum think I payed around 10.

This was the first rum I tried neat. It's a drinkable rum.

This rum is only good in drinks where the extra vanilla taste is not detrimental to the drink. The vanilla is too much.

Don't let the labeling fool you. Wasn't a great spiced at all.

9 spiced Cruzan rum is a great rum to mix with coke or even pure with ice. For a fantastic price.

I have champagne taste but a beer budget. Only drink rum on the rocks with the exception of top-shelf rums. Cruzan 9 has a good (not great) rum taste with hint of spice. Agree with other reviewers that vanilla is prominent flavor but not over-powering.

Very heavy on the vanilla. With Coke it's practically Vanilla Coke. Straight it's vanilla with a hint of cinnamon as the main flavors.

I don't mind Cruzan products for their value but was a bit disappointed with their spiced rum. Nothing stood out like other spiced rums.

I purchased a bottle on several recommendations, I liked their Blackstrap so what could go wrong. For my taste buds it was maybe the worst fit so far. Strong medicine like taste and the vanilla and other spices tasted artificial with a strong aftertaste. Not my cup of tea or rum.

best describes the profile of this rum. 9 flavors? Well, now I dunno about that, but it IS an interesting spirit. I taste a whole lotta stuff in this but can't quite identify all of it, myself - worth a try for sure, but I don't know that it would be for everyone. I mix it with Coke or Sprite, myself, and ice, but I imagine this would go nicely with pineapple juice, too. If you've an adventurous spirit, try this for sure.

The 9 spices make this a tasty favorite of mine for mixed drinks as well as rum and cola. Very high concentration of vanilla and cinnamon make this a holiday taste around my home as well. Usually very cheap as well.

I really like this rum in fruity cocktails. It is pretty good with Coke as well. I wouldn't use it as a sipping rum though - a little harsh. Wish it was more available near me.

9 years is a sweet spot for any decent rum and this is no exception. Another spice that tastes like an Amber it is aged rum at a blended price. A good stepping stone for a would be connoisseur.

this rum has way to much spice not pleasant to drink

I feel this rum is over spiced however I would use this as a mixer but not on the way rum should be enjoyed straight up.

Had this after having the Bacardi oak heart and this was horrible in comparison. I am not a real spiced rum fan and this did not help

Found this at a local national liquor store here in s.w. florida. A 1.75 was on sale for $17.70! being it was on my wish list I gave it a try. I was not at all disappointed, I was very happy for the price! The flavor is outstanding, I like the "sweet" taste I feel this rum has. I tried my normal Neat tasting and although a bit stronger than I would normally like straight, it has a good smooth flavor and can be drank neat. I did my normal on the rocks, in a tall glass ( which at my house is a huge tervis!) with Coke. I love the bottle and the flavors which I am having a hard time figuring how to explain in my amateur tongue. I think it has a good amount of vanilla, as most sweet spiced rums have. I feel it also has some citrus flavor as well. Anyhow, for the price you will not ever be disappointed.

Like most of the Cruzan family, this is a good rum with a great price. Its not great, but very solid. The vanilla and cinnamon make it ok to drink on the rocks, but it shines in a coke zero.