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Cruzan 151 rum

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10 Cruzan 151 ratings

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If you want to escape the world quickly and you aren't the captain this is the way to go.

It's a 151 rum! It will kick your butt! Great for getting the night started. It has a strong after taste of hot spice that warms you as it goes down. I enjoyed as a shot but not in mixed drinks.

Good overproof for cocktails, cheaper than bacardi

Packs a powerful punch, made in St. Croix. Forget Bacardi this is better.


This rum has a wonderful molasses and toffee flavor which makes it indispensable for many Tiki cocktails. It was made to be mixed, so if you're drinking it neat and wondering why your throat has melted you need to remember that it's 75% alcohol! It is not made to be sipped neat.

This is one of my favorite overproofs, right near the top behind Hamilton 151, the best in my opinion, and light years ahead of Bacardi. I even prefer it to some of the Lost Spirits overproofs.


The light aging this recieves makes it worlds better than Bacardi 151 IMHO, and it is now my go-to for certain tiki drinks such as the "Ankle Breaker"

burns on the way down and the way back up but still somehow smoother than Bacardi 151

not a great rum its burn the wole way thru like paint remover

This is pretty good overproof rum for the price. Most people put their overproof rum in coke and can't tell the difference. I drink it diluted 50-50 with vodka, so the taste comes through. And this has a nice rummy taste. Way better than Bacardi 151, for example, which tastes like industrial solvent.

Ran across this one at a fondue restaruant this evening. It's got what I consider to be a typical "gold" rum flavor with a huge kick on the back end when it hits bottom. If you're not ready for it it'll catch you flat footed. A good rum if you like over proof though.