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My wife asked me (read FORCED ME) to get this bottle when we visited the Appleton Estate this year.

I had been avoiding "Flavoured" rums ever since my first taste of Malibu (Oh the nightmares), but I remembered having some Banana flavoured rum on my 1st visit to Jamaica a few (ahem, 30) years ago that wasn't bad, so I relented (THAT, and the fact that I had just dropped $500 on a bottle of Exclusive, a 21 year old and a 12 year old and that I would have received my divorce paper during our honeymoon had I done so...).

I have to say that, although it is nowhere near the Appleton Estate EXCLUSIVE, obviously, this flavoured rum is actually quite good.
It has absolutely none of the "chemical" taste of the god awful "Malibu" and is quite enjoyable to drink as a sipper on the rocks or mixed with a little bit of pineapple juice for a quickie PinaColada.

Produced in Jamaica for that classic taste, good substitute for Malibu. Probably slightly stronger taste.

I got this while in Jamaica this year. It wasn't bad. I'd say better than Malibu.