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10 Old J Gold ratings

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Sampled this gold rum at Cardiff Rum Festival.

Similar to the tiki fire with lime and vanilla and a touch of spicy, very sweet.

N- As often higher abv improved but not with this one, cloudy and fiery notes masked the rest. (12/25)

P- Vanilla with sour tinge, oily medicinal sweet with huge acetone nuance, industrial and volatile. (10/25)

F- Rather harmful raw spirit driven, burning spicy with prickly oak, fiery, raw. (10/25)

Balanced- Managed to have 2 sips. Diluted with ice will drawn out the grumpy vanilla again. (10/25)

Weighted Rate:- 42pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


Like Christmas in a bottle. No after taste. Very smooth

A strong 6 in my opinion- I’m a fan of the smooth vanilla flavours with this one.

Created to be similar to Sailor Jerry's original recipe but as I haven't tasted that one can't say if they succeeded. Heavy on the vanilla. Overall target market is the Rum is Fun which they are doing very well in. I'm sure some will like this as a base in some concoction.

This Old J Gold rum has an interesting vanilla flavour, which was a little overpowering to me and had a tart finish. It's more than likely a decent mixer, but I wouldn't recommend sipping on straight without heavy dilution. Does have a nice looking bottle though - may be worth adding to your shelf just for that :)


I've had the spiced and loved it. Same here with the gold. It's a bit more grown up at 40% so got to watch the quantity. The flavour is everything hoped it we would be. Long live sailor Jerry, but this is the next best thing to the old show recipe. A winner

Bad flavour and afterburn not a great r at all pretty poor compared to the other old j .. cherry .y favourite and lovely taste

It's rare to find a rum that is spiced with vigour; if you're not serious about spicing don't bother! "Vigorously Spiced" could actually be the name of this gem. Toffee, toasted marshmallow, citrus, eggnog, nutmeg, spice cake... Dare I say Christmas? Wow, a party in your mouth.

at first glance i thought a cubra libre straight out of the bottle, great.. but that was soon replaced by disappointment. the flavours added to the spices are just way too prominent, the lime is too much in the foreground and the vanilla is so string that you get hardly any other spices present and masks its almost even a rum...
a shame as i thought it was a good idea and i like the cherry version they have created..
steer clear and get in the fresh limes!!