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Angostura 1824 rum

Angostura 1824 rum is a blend of rums aged for at least 12 years in oak barrels. The aged rums are blended, re-casked, and upon maturity hand-drawn for bottling.

This rum is named and crafted in honor of Dr. Johann Siegart's founding of Angostura house in the city of Angostura, Venezueala in 1824. Angostura 1824 rum production is now based in Trinidad.

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This is about as far from a partydrink rum can get. It is truly aged, smokey, leatherly, oakey and smells of an old library. To be enjoyed quietly, late at night. You'll like this if you like cigars, aged scotch and pseudo-intellectual drunk talking.

Nice smooth and tasty rum.
This rum with good cigar are fine pair to spend nice evening.

This rums comes in a nice package with a good looking bottle and a nice black canister (picture). It even comes with a small booklet. A quality package in my opinion.
You have to let this rum rest in the glass for a while. At first you get som sticky alcohol and not much aromas but after a while you can sense fruit, vanilla, spice and oak. A lot off different aromas in the glass.
When you taste this rum you get a spice, smoke, oak and some sweetness. Not as sweet as I would like it to be but it is still quite smooth. The Angostura 1824 has a long aftertaste with a lot of spice and oak. A bit too harsh for my taste.
This is a sipper but for me I want my rum to be sweeter so I will probaly use this rum as  a mixer. Not very happy with my purchase.


Like jazz, so much going on with the flavors in this rum. Molasses, oak, citrus, honey, smoke, leather all come to the pallette. A wonderful and complex nose. As someone else said an intellectual's rum but maybe that's because I'm half drunk listening to Sigor Rós. Lastly never ever mix this. Enjoy!

So far I have found only two rums (Vizcaya VXOP & Plantation XO 20th Anniversary) that I will consume straight. This one comes oh so close to being the third. The 1824 has a wonderful aroma in the bottle and the flavor is very good...a mild sweetness with vanilla...but there's just a little bitter in there that brings it just below a 9 and sipping status for me. [NOTE: For the record, even though I've rated the Angostura 1919 an 8 as well I believe the 1824 is indeed 8.85 as opposed to an 8.00)

So close....

Very lovely rum. It has a great and refined balance. Not a sweet rum but very smooth, with a slight oaky tobaco finish

Color is a nice Dark Amber. Legs are thin but seem to cling longer than you would expect. The nose is of sweet molasses, vanilla, and butterscotch. The taste is drier than the nose but still has predominate flavors of molasses and vanilla. The oak of the barrel is definitely present. A second sip brings out a bit of leather and tobacco. The finish is a bit hot with lots of spicy notes. Leaves me wanting more. A very complex rum. A keeper for sure.

This is a little lighter rum of the super premiums not as complex or heavy as some are but definitley the smoothest I have ever tasted of anything 18 years or less. Angostura has certainly got my vote for a superb Rum maker. A must have for my cabinet.

I got a danish Rum Book. There is a show of 40 rum, and I am about to collect them all :)


First off, I`ve got the new bottle wich is beautiful. Little dissapointing is the screw top, how could they,,,,,,,,,,
When you open the bottle and pour a glass the sent travels throug your living room,,when you put your nose in the glass don`t inhale to strong, wow , a lot going on. The taste does what the sent tells you,,,a carnival of flavours of wich some I`ve never tasted before. Chocolate, licorice, wood, leather, some vanilla, just enough sweetness, smokey (yeah,,,real smokey) etc,, the first sip gives an alcohol burn wich is strong but not disturbing, followed by a lot of different flavours that go beyond my palate but are truly fantastic. In my eyes it`s not a dry rum but leaves you wondering after every sip with a lovely taste in your mouth. Wish I was a specialist to be able to recognize all the diverse kind of ingredients . But as an amateur I can say that if you love rum, with this bottle you will discover how diverse this beautiful beverage is! Don`t you dare mixing this

Lovely amber colour , nose of vanilla , spices and raisins. Smokey but quite dry tasting with a nice bite. I like this on its own , or with ice and its as an excellent mixer . A good all round rum in fact.

This rum has great flavor at the same time as being very smooth. It is a slightly sweet rum (my favorite rums are) but still has the oak tone to it - just not overpowering like some. Overall it is VERY near the top of my list.

Very good rum, would be a sin to mix, a truly great sipping rum if that is what you are looking for

this one is nice to sip and anjoy on its one withe a good sigar!

A nice and smooth sipper. Hint of sweetness in the aroma with honey & vanilla. Smooth taste, no alcohol burn with a little oaky spicy kick. Finish is short though. Overall a nice but a generic inoffensive rum.

Had to send off for a bottle of this quality rum, not being able to source it locally. Masters of Malt, £59/$76 delivered.
First thoughts on opening the bottle were how much it reminded me of DRE, but on tasting obviously not so sweet. The same toffee and fruit tastes and nose, a very smooth rum. On first taste, neat, i found it to be very warming and also exceptionally smooth.
Adding 1 ice cube made it even more so. Gentle burn and long after tastes, this rum is not to be mixed with anything.
IMO well worth the money.


Bought a bottle of Angostura 1824 while vacation in Trinidad a few years ago and had high expectations since Angostura is a very well known rum distiller, but the flavor profile is a complete mess and the afterburn is just awful. 1824 is only marginally better than slightly cheaper 1919, but a far cry from a proper neat sipper.

Den var god, vi havde den med på ferie til en aften Rom 🥃 den blev bare bedre og bedre. Helt klart et gen køb

If you like lightly sweet, oaky rum, this is for you. If you can find it, nab a bottle. Great with steak. Tastes are oak, molasses, a touch of sticky honey, and a coy bit of cherry at the end.

Gorgeous bottle, lovely amber colour.
As with the 1919 and similar to St Clement this has the medicinal note to it, which makes it a binary choice: you get it or you don't.

Majoring on El Dorado and Foursquare, I don't get it.

Dark, sweet and smooth. To drink neat, on ice or with a little water

Well, this one is sneaky. The 1824 feels like you're drinking a 20 proof child's version of rum. There is little aroma and even less flavor. It's as if someone has poured water into a half-full rum bottle. It doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't taste.

God rom med masser af smag. Der er masser af træ, røg og læder over den. God duft også.

Only 6.9 point. Slightly better than 1919, long way up to 1787