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Cockspur 5 star rum

Cockspur 5 Star is a golden combination of column and pot-stilled rums matured in American white oak barrels before blending. Coral-filtered water is used from a nearby aquifer to dilute the rum to bottle strength.

The company Cockspur was founded in 1884 by Danish seaman Valdemar Hanschell. Barbados was chosen as a location beccause at the time it was one of the Caribbean's largest shipping ports.

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30 Cockspur 5 Star Fine ratings

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Light amber color, some heat, not overly complex and the flavors don't pop out at you. A fair price for a mixer from Barbados. Better than most rums comparable in price. I like that Cockspur uses both the traditional column and pot stills to distill their rums.

A good rum for mixing its smooth amber with flavour

Very basic rum. Use it for mixing, since there is nothing to really savor here.

Easy to pick up, a decent 'go to' rum, at a good price

Not one for sipping really but OK if mixed with Coke or whatever your favourite Rum mixer is

There's nothing very special with this one, but it's a good mix and standard bar-rail in Barbados. If you're there, I'd get the far-superior Mount Gay XO instead for not a lot of extra money or the Eclipse for a straight-swap if available.

Inoffensive rum that mixes well and can be drunk neat. Fairly bland flavour and a harsh afterburn but nothing really bad to note.

Bog standard rum. This rum is definitely one for a mixer.

I had it neat, on the rocks and with coke and this here is a workhorse. Maybe not pretty (very light in colour) but gets the job done. Love the oldy-fashioned label.

Not a bad rum overall. A journeyman rum (to coin a phrase). In other words, usable in several areas.

First, it is a rich amber color. It has a pleasant aroma hinting of sweetness reminding me of sugar cane and demerara sugar. It is somewhat thin in consistency. Upon initial tasting I detect butteriness and vanilla in the flavor before a spiciness hits along with an oakiness (according to what I read online, the rum is aged in "old Kentucky bourbon barrels that have been scraped clean of the charred oak inside". This does give it a distinct flavor.

This is a borderline sipping rum. For me personally I would not choose it but it would be usable if nothing else was available. It excels in cocktails and fruit-based drinks. The butteriness and spiciness accentuate adult mixed beverages quite effectively. Hence my early "journeyman" label. It works well in most areas.

didn't enjoy this rum that much, I struggled with the general taste not great fairly warm but thats all. Will never pay for ot again but would drink if it was free not the worst but certainly not the worst iv had

As far as golden rum's go, this one is certainly a cut above supermarket's own brand, but doesn't particularly stand out. Fine mixed or straight, there are simply better options

An excellent all-rounder... Also value for money is decent
..not decent neat but mainly a cocktail or mixer drink

Må jo have nogle cubanske rom i samlingen, og denne er bestemt til at overkomme i pris. Ca. 80 kr med glas :) Bliver spændende at smage denne og sammenligne med nogle af de dyre mærker :)

Very light, almost a white. Almost too light. See my review for Gosling's.

Cockspur ist super für Mixgetränke und Cuba libre geeignet.

If you want a pure rum to try at a decent price then grab this bottle. Very nice bajan kick to it and aromas and flavors of spices such as brown sugar, cinnamon. This is not drowned out with sugar it has none added. A very true to style rum at a great price point. Very nice mixed but also decent straight up for those experienced in rum. Not as refined in flavor, smoothness or style as the cockspur 12 but overall still a decent rum in a pinch.

I often buy the Cockspur 5 star as my standard mixer. Its not as good as the Mount Gay Eclipse but its price justifies buying it instead of the MG. Not one for sipping though, that’s when you can really taste that it’s the cheaper of the two.

This one is definitely a mixing rum. I prefer to drink all spirits straight with a side of selter, water, or something similar but this rum is meant for mixing.

Bottle: Another quality Caribbean label that stands out but as an older rum distillery and not a gimmick.
Color: Light yellow brown.
Bottle Smell: Combined hit of ethyl alcohol with the aroma of fresh ferment that is better than the initial smell.
Glass: The taste of the rum opens up as the alcohol evaporates off the surface giving a pleasant smell.
Taste: Again the harshness hits initially but surprisingly leaves quickly as there is a fair amount of oils to assist. Vanilla comes around until the heat hits the throat and the ride stops.

This is a solid mixing rum that can be sipped in a pinch, but I wouldn't recommend sipping.

I'm a big fan of a Cuba libre and was pointed towards cockspur by an old Grenedan gentleman. It's a rather sweet rum with a fresh has a light golden colour and when mixed with lime and coke is a perfect drink at any time. It may be cheap but very cheerful in character!

This was a nice rum to drink with coke. However to me this tastes extremely sweet. While I can imagine this making it popular, it was not to my taste.

The locals drink this one because of its price (cheap). Diffidently not for sipping. Big bite, OK with cola. Not a collection standard.

Not a sipper but it's very cheap. In the uk its about 14.00 better choice than Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan.
Mixed into a cocktail you will be happy.
It will do, it is not sweet, it is dry if that is your bag keep this in stock.

a pleasant rum for mixing with coke and a slice of lime.

Cockspur 5 star rum