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50 Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12-Year ratings

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Not bad, smooth, but not as much depth as my favourite El dorados

The color of this rum was a glowing amber.
Possibility my favorite 12 year rum, and Appleton Estate has produced the best Jamaican rums I've tasted. The Appleton Estate 12 year is exceptionally smooth with hints of cinnamon and banana, with undertones of dark chocolate and oak , or what I believe the barrel is oak because other rums by Appleton are also oak, but I haven't been able to find what barrel type they used. The finish is incredibly smooth leaving a light taste of cinnamon in the mouth. Priced around $30 a great rum for the price, and served best over ice. However, this age is still ripe causing the drinker to miss out on some of the flavor undertones. I wish Appleton Estate would release the rare blend in 15 or 18 year vintage just to taste how this bottle would if matured.

OK, to be clear, I mix my rums with Diet Dr. Pepper. It is how I like my rums. This rum is affordable, yet offers a great complexity of fruits (like bananas), molasses, slight vanilla, and changes its flavors one to two times as you finish your drink. I put one shot glass per 12-oz can for this blend. Now, if you have ever got stuck with another rum that is just OK, or not that good, like Kraken rum, then I call this Appleton a perfect disguise cover up rum. Just add 1/2 a shot glass per 1 shot glass of Kraken, and you suddenly have a complex flavor that is very good. This custom blend between Appleton and Kraken almost resembles a Zacapa. Anyway, I have 8 bottles of this in my cabinet because the store where I live runs out. I like the price and I like the flavor. It is a must have.

It isn't as smooth as I thought it would be. The flavours are really nice.

I like this rum, especially for the low price of only $32.99 (TotalWines 2016)!

It's a tad sweeter than both the Appleton 12 and 21 (but still rather dry as are all the Appletons I've tried). It's very, very close in taste to those, but slightly better IMHO. Notes of oak, almond, vanilla, molasses, and nutmeg. Try blind tasting this against the 21 - you may even prefer this to that, as I did.

Very nice offering. little warmth but nothing unpleasant. Smooth flavors.

Très bon rhum, mais présence un peut trop forte d'alcool en finale. Le El Dorado 12 ans est meilleur, plus complexe, plus riche, un peu plus nuancé.

Very good rum, but a strong presence of alcohol in the finale. The El Dorado 12 years is better, more complex, richer, a little more nuanced.

Follows the trajectory set by the Signature (V/X) and Reserve. Very smooth, and rich with caramel and oak. Being a blended rum, there is subtle pot-still influence—not unlike Bajans like Real McCoy and Mt. Gay XO. The 43% is nice, though it could be higher.

I think this rum is very good, and a great value, making it a superb “everyday” sipper or high-end mixer. However, I think there’s more potential here—it’s just not very exciting.



Un ron con notas en nariz de naranja, almendra, nuez moscada, con su toque amaderado y dulce de melaza.

En boca es muy sutil, bastante completo y untuoso, siguen las notas a madera pero es más dulce y suave donde encuentras canela, plátano, ciruela madura y dejos de especias.

Un gran Ron, lo recomiendo tomar solo!

Did not like this at all. There was an unpleasant aftertaste and this rum was a big let down.

Update: I have now tried this on three separate occasions and am still not getting over this aftertaste but will up My rating to a 6. Don't think I will buy this again.


Overall this is a very well balanced rum. The nose is quite enjoyable and goes down smoothly. I like it being at 43% ABV since it adds a little more spice to it. For $30 in my area it's a great value rum.

I'm surprised that the dominant flavor of this rum reminds me of El Dorado 8 year rum but with a lighter body less sweet finish. I've never been a big fan of Jamaican rums or Appleton in particular but I decided to give this less common 12 year rare blend a try. It's smooth and doesn't have much burn to it at all, however it's just doesn't really fit in my highly prefered category (I'm more of a Cuban, Bajan, or Venezualen style guy I guess). Good to mix just not my favorite flavors in here to sip. I will update this rating as I try more of it bc i often find that I have to transition into liking other rums after each bottle I try. Update: it had grown on me and wen I smell t I say "mmmm". Good stuff for having no added sugar at all. It's definitely a funky fruity whiskey tasting English style rum that has bold flavor.

Mein 12. Rating
Ich konnte diesen Rum als Blitzangebot für 20€ abgreifen und konnte nicht widerstehen. Hat sich der Kauf gelohnt?

Preis: ca. 20-30€

Je länger er steht, desto intensiver wird das Fassaroma deutlich. Allerdings überwiegt der typische Jamaika-Rum-Geruch. Sehr würzig und irgendwie fruchtig.

Geschmack pur (Note 5):
Erst kommt das fruchtige (typische Jamaika-Rum-) Aroma an. Gefolgt von brennenden 43%-igem Alkoholgehalt, welchem eine angenehme Würze folgt und lecker-trocken im Gaumen haften bleibt.
Der Geschmack ist recht eigen.

Geschmack in Cola (Note 6):
Die Cola verleiht dem Appleton Estate Rare Blend eine angenehme Süße, die er alleine nicht aufweisen kann. Von daher harmoniert die Combi schon ganz gut und es wird ein leckeres Getränk daraus. Allerding fehlen mir weitere Geschmacksnoten von Vanille, Karamell etc. Das einzige was ich schmecken kann ist der typische Jamaika-Rum-Geschmack mit einer Fass-Note.

In Cola ganz lecker, aber insgesamt zu eindimensional und zu würzig. Mir fehlt die Geschmacksvielfalt.
Weiter ist mir aufgefallen, dass dieser typische Jamaika-Rum-Geschmack nicht so mein Favorit ist und es mich eher an Deutschem "Billigrum" erinnert. Dies ist dieser Rum auf keinen Fall, aber an einem El Dorado 12 kommt er bei weitem nicht ran.

Traditionally you use pussers rum in a key west pain killer but know I prefer this 12 rare aged. It's a little pricey to keep in the bar for 1 drink but when I see it I'll get it. Lots of spice and some sweetness but has a burn if your sipping it.

This frustrates me that the best appleton rum I have tried is the special gold as any other aged rum seems over sweet and the complexion of the taste altered too much which is a shame really. With other rum companies they entice you by flavours to taste the more expensive stuff, I find with Appleton I am less inclined to taste the older more expensive rum..

Very smooth with close to zero sugar. It is very difficult to only drink one. Priced for everyday sipping, but tastes like a occasional treat. Will definitely explore more products from Appleton.
(37.50 CAD in Apr 2017)

A beautiful smooth woody mature flavour, and just superb over ice. One to keep away form your guests, so as to not waste one drop.

I have been trying many rums and finding them sweet and easy to drink, almost too easy to drink. This one is quite a change as I would expect from Appleton. I forgot how great their rums are. It took a little water added for me to allow the rum to open up a little.

Riecht in der Flasche gut, im Glas schon deutlich schärfer. Als Fan von milden, fruchtigen, süßen Rumvarianten, trifft dieser nicht meinen Geschmack.

I thought I was on my honeymoon. A perfect example of an excellent Jamaican rum. A nice potpourri of honey, orange, molasses and a nice smooth tobacco finish. Wonderful sipper. Enjoy!

Jamajský styl rumu není bůhvíjak podbízivý a zdaleka neosloví každého. Kvalitou se však Appleton řadí mezi respektované rumové značky a jedním z důvodů je i fakt, že se obejde bez jediného gramu přidaného cukru. Tímto pak získává status produktu, jehož degustace patří k základním povinnostem každého skutečného rumového fandy. Na nepodbízivost jamajského stylu ovšem narazíte hned ve vůni, která se vyznačuje silnou olejnatostí připomínající až klasický rybí tuk. V chuti pak tuto anomálii označíte již jako jemnou máslově-olejnatou chuť, obohacenou náznaky pomerančové kúry (srovnatelné například s La Hechicerou, nikoliv Pyratem XO) a závěr obstará hořkosladká dochuť poctivé čokolády s vysokým obsahem kakaa. Ač původní hodnocení mířilo výše, nejobjektivnější mi připadá pochvala rumu jako „tasty, but not quite great“.

Ganske fint glas. Duften til den spidse side, men en behagelig eftersmag med en tilpas sødme. Ikke for sød eller i nærheden af at være tør.

I was happy to give this run a try. It has a nice mild caramel aroma and is much smoother to drink than the signature blend, but I just couldn't get excited about it. I was not able to pick up any other notes to it and even the caramel note was barely tasted. I'll probably mix it with coke or bake with it until it is finished and then try something else.