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93 Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12-Year ratings

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In the rum world you may hear people mention the word Hogo. Have a sip of this and you'll understand what it means. It's like a deep funky bassline from Bootsy Collins. It's the benchmark Jamaican rum for me. It has serious punch and does things most other rums don't do. It's complex, dark and mysterious. Many will argue that there are other rums that have a much more noticeable or distinct Hogo and I completely agree. I just think that with this rum you can appreciate the Hogo in it's subtleties. It's more of a caress than a complete beating of your senses. It's just a lovely experience.

Très bon rhum, mais présence un peut trop forte d'alcool en finale. Le El Dorado 12 ans est meilleur, plus complexe, plus riche, un peu plus nuancé.

Very good rum, but a strong presence of alcohol in the finale. The El Dorado 12 years is better, more complex, richer, a little more nuanced.

Not bad, smooth, but not as much depth as my favourite El dorados

The color of this rum was a glowing amber.
Possibility my favorite 12 year rum, and Appleton Estate has produced the best Jamaican rums I've tasted. The Appleton Estate 12 year is exceptionally smooth with hints of cinnamon and banana, with undertones of dark chocolate and oak , or what I believe the barrel is oak because other rums by Appleton are also oak, but I haven't been able to find what barrel type they used. The finish is incredibly smooth leaving a light taste of cinnamon in the mouth. Priced around $30 a great rum for the price, and served best over ice. However, this age is still ripe causing the drinker to miss out on some of the flavor undertones. I wish Appleton Estate would release the rare blend in 15 or 18 year vintage just to taste how this bottle would if matured.

OK, to be clear, I mix my rums with Diet Dr. Pepper. It is how I like my rums. This rum is affordable, yet offers a great complexity of fruits (like bananas), molasses, slight vanilla, and changes its flavors one to two times as you finish your drink. I put one shot glass per 12-oz can for this blend. Now, if you have ever got stuck with another rum that is just OK, or not that good, like Kraken rum, then I call this Appleton a perfect disguise cover up rum. Just add 1/2 a shot glass per 1 shot glass of Kraken, and you suddenly have a complex flavor that is very good. This custom blend between Appleton and Kraken almost resembles a Zacapa. Anyway, I have 8 bottles of this in my cabinet because the store where I live runs out. I like the price and I like the flavor. It is a must have.

It isn't as smooth as I thought it would be. The flavours are really nice.

I like this rum, especially for the low price of only $32.99 (TotalWines 2016)!

It's a tad sweeter than both the Appleton 12 and 21 (but still rather dry as are all the Appletons I've tried). It's very, very close in taste to those, but slightly better IMHO. Notes of oak, almond, vanilla, molasses, and nutmeg. Try blind tasting this against the 21 - you may even prefer this to that, as I did.

Depuis mes récents débuts dans le rhum, j'ai plutôt testé (et apprécié) des rhums assez sucrés: diplomatico, el dorado 12, centenario 20 emperor sherry finish... A la lecture de certains articles sur la quantité parfois impressionnante de sucre ajoutée à ces rhums, j'ai voulu en tester un qui se montre irréprochable de ce côté là: je m'attendais donc à un rhum très sec, moins facile à boire et moins dans mes goûts...
Et là, agréable surprise: pas du tout!
En fait, on retrouve dans ce rhum des saveurs similaires à celles de l'eldorado 12 (caramel, fruits exotiques). Certes, un peu moins de corps et de rondeur vu l'absence de sucre, mais malgré tout une belle douceur en bouche et beaucoup de caractère!
Sans renier l'eldorado 12 qui est un rhum que j'apprécie beaucoup, à choisir entre les deux, , j'accorderais une petite longueur d'avance à cet Appleton Estate compte tenu de son côté plus "naturel" et moins "trafiqué". La preuve qu'on peut créer un rhum tout à fait intéressant sur le plan gustatif, sans pour autant le "doper".
Si on ajoute à ça un prix très raisonnable, je ne peux que vous conseiller de le tester!

Nice stuff with real pure taste without added sugar. Big differens between this and other sugeradded rums. Nose: bunch of raisins and other tropical fruits. Palate: a bit sharp in a good whiskey way, raisins and banan with arrak. Thumbs up!

This one exceed my expectations for this price. Good sipper

This is something different than what I usually drink. Im more into the spanish type of rum but this one really had me open my eyes to jamaican rum and the english style. But the screw cork is a big minus!

Bought this with some vouchers i had and for £38 it’s not that great. Quite rough on the palate and with some slight burn. It’s ok but not great.

Needs to breathe a bit before sipping. Good for the price and worth buying.

Nice and spicy (hot pepper) ! perfectly balanced, smooth and punchy at the same time ! Great value !!!

The bottle isn't anything special, kind of hard to grasp so afraid of dropping the bottle when pouring with one hand(not important).
The aroma is very sweet, not so stingy as other rums with 43% alcohol can be.
Its mid-range smooth taste that's very enjoyable.

What makes this rum special is that it's a really good rum for the price. Its never going to be better then the more expensive options even tho it can be for some. But at this price range it is a very good and affordable rum.

Lesser sweet with strong bark taste. More likely like cognac. Ideal with cigar.

El color del Ron que refleja la botella es bueno, presenta un ron de buena coloración y cuerpo.
Al olfato es muy bueno, se perciben notas achocolatadas.
Al gusto tiene un comienzo dulce que deja percibir chocolate, caramelo y madera.
Un buen Ron.

On the dry and spicy end of the rum spectrum. Bitter finish. Neat addition to any collection at a reasonable price

Fine for sipping. Nothing extraordinary. At $40CAD at the LCBO it's an excellent choice for the price. That being said, spend an extra $20 for Diplomatico and you'll notice the difference in body, complexity and less of that alcohol after taste.

This is “The”Jamaican Rum that all other Jamaican rums should be judged by period!!

Another rum I will claim is essential to any serious rum-lover's bar. It is heavy, with much complexity and funk. Unique and engaging on its own, and pure magic when mixed...

I have yet to make a bad drink that calls for aged Jamaican as a constituent. Try in a Maita'i, Jungle Bird, Zombie, Old Fashioned, mixed with coconut water or ginger beer over ice... Its hard to go wrong when mixing. The only thing that would make this rum better, in my opinion, would be to make it pure pot-still.

Not for beginners- very dry - a cube of ice will help mellow it out. Very complex and probably for a more advanced rum drinker who can appreciate a rum without the sweetness that some prefer. Certainly a nice change of pace and a good one for scotch drinkers to try who are interested in sampling rum.

After receiving one of these bottles for Christmas in 2016, I didn't have the heart to open it until I got a second bottle. I got another one last year for Christmas and I didn't hesitate to open it once I got it home. It did not disappoint! This rum was well worth the wait. I can taste the vanilla in this rum; the finish is so nice. This is such a good tasting rum that I really had to dig to find something that I don't like about it and here it is: the bottle has a screw cap. That's it! That's the only thing I don't like about this rum.


There is nothing like that Jamaican dunder funk. Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Blend isn't the funkiest cat in town but he sure is smooth. At $34.00 per 750ml, Appleton Estate 12 crushes the competition in it's price range and many others that are well above it. I can't get enough of the funk, and at this price it is one that I can always (and will) keep on the shelf. If you enjoy funky Jamaican rums, I think the Appleton Estate 12 year old Rare Blend is a "must try".