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Cockspur 12 year rum

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48 Cockspur VSOR 12-Year ratings

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I'm a dedicated fan of the bajan style. Not only because of the general taste, but also because it's often priced very reasonable and unless the rum is bottled by independent houses, it's sugar and aditiv free. The cockspur 12 carries many of the classic bajan traits. Your nostrils fills with coconut, vanilla and caramel, while retaining a frehness. On the tounge it's naturally semisweet with a bit of dark chocolate, tobaco, spices and perhaps a smidge of peach. It's not particularly refined and the finish is kinda short, but considering the price, that's all fair. It's absolutely sippable, but I would probably use it as a primium mixer. It's a good rum in the range but when it comes to value for money, you dont need to pay much more to get fx. the excellent Dorly's 12 fx.

I am actually very surprised at how good this stuff is. In the glass it seems basic as any other rum, vanilla oak and the cask. Taking it straight is surprisingly good, very very smooth, almost made me doubt its 80 proof! Initially you're gonna get hit with a vanilla cask taste followed in with an earthy smokey taste. The flavor then bottoms out and changes to a Cinnamon/allspice flavor with sweetness in the back. My only desire with this rum is I wish it was bolder! It has all these great flavors and abilities but it is SO tame. if you pour this in cola most of it's flavors (except the cinnamon/allspice flavor) come out. Make it BOLDER! Get some gonads!

With my somewhat limited sampling of aged rums (10-15), I'm beginning to think there are two main categories, smokey and sweet. I would put this one on the smokey side, just barely. it has a good balance of a light sweetness and a little smoke for a great flavor. It's also pretty smooth and has more flavor neat than on the rocks. The price is pretty nice too.


Slightly dry, a nice fruit taste, a bit medicinal at first, but that quickly fades.
It obviously is from Barbados, so if you like other Barbadian rums, you know what to expect. Good stuff! For those that love Mt Gay XO, this is very similar.

edited to add sugar test results- 0g

Amber colour. The nose is on chocolate, the wax of old furniture. Light notes of banana, candied fruit, toffee, coffee, cherry with alcohol. On the palate, it is very fine, delicate, always chocolate, tobacco. It is also acidic with bitterness. It's not very long and the final is on red fruits, brown sugar, caramel. Beautiful discovery, in line with Mount Gay rum but with his own style.

I had a two ounce glass from Bahama Breeze. It’s ok even though I gave it a 6. It’s not something I would run to the store and buy a bottle. Just not for me.

After reading some good reviews i was waiting for this one. Vanilla scent is too strong and artificial, it dominates the taste even if you try to mix it with coke. Can't really recommend, even in this price range.

Wonderful aroma. Slightly sweet on the palette with vanilla at the forefront. Dark fruit comes in afterward and a nice warm finish. I’d definitely consider a bottle.


Well worth having in your cabinet to be sipped neat or mixed this rum has a pleasant oaky aromatic about it with undertones of vanilla smooth with body share with friends or enjoy by yourself thumbs up 👍

Dire que ce 12 ans va devenir un plantation Barbados vendu 3 fois Le prix 😫
Enfin on peut imaginer ...
Très bon Rhum pas cher, laisser respirer 10 bonnes minutes avant dégustation

Everythig in place and nothing really wrong or extraordinary.

To the nose: butterscotch, oranges, marzipan, vanilla, coconut
On the palette you get a strong dose of citrus fruits, dried fruit such as fig and date, tobacco and wood.
Very little burn on the back end, just enough to say your drinking rum. The flavor remains for a considerable amount of time. The citrus tens to be more prominent the longer the rum has a chance to breathe.
Nice sipper...

Žádný zázrak (kór s ohledem na deklarované stáří), ale zase rozhodně neurazil, i když další zcela určitě už nikdy více nepopiji.

Like average rum, nothing special neiher surprise, but still competitive.

again this was one of the first I tried and I don't think I really appreciated what I was drinking at the time. Keeping an eye open to get another bottle.

Big, soft and true to it's heritage....Rustic but never rough. Warning: Once you start sipping... you realize you can finish the botttle in one sitting (if you have a few friends join you...)
Got it as a specially priced 50% off closeout item for $18 US!
Rates a 9 rather than an 8 because it is the best value aside from Flor de Cana 4 year.
I'm going to try it in the 1939 Don the Beachcomer Mai Tai recipe. (Previous winners as the foundation of this classic are: Barbancourt, Bacardi 8 and Eldorado 12)


My first review. I like this rum because it is not overly sweet, but has all the rum flavor you could ask for. It is smooth enough to sip on the rocks, yet inexpensive enough to allow mixing in drinks without grimacing. Found it being discontinued at the liquor store and scored a case.

Très belle surprise. Offert à Noël. Vidée au 31 décembre. Un régal sincèrement

Lovely as a smooth rum super probably better as mixer . .decent flavour on the palette

un nez agréable, doux sans être un sirop, je le bois seul ou avec légère dilution mais pas en cocktail

Good rhum, spicy in mouth, clear final, perfect with friends.

This is one of my favorites - smooth, great flavor. I definitely recommend this one.

This Bajan rum is classic Barbados. It is simply amazing. Well Balanced with aromas and flavors of smoky oak, leather, chocolate and citrus. You can really taste the bourbon barrels it was aged in but it's not overpowering. This is a simple but complex rum (if that even makes since) that is one of my favorite sippers. Cheers

Angenehm in der Nase, im Mund eine leichten Rauchgeschmack und Schärfe im Abgang.