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30 Clement 10-Year ratings

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C est le rhum qui m a fait comprendre que au final ce n était pas les rhums de type espagnol que je préférais.

Agricole rum van Martinique die 10 jaar heeft gerijpt op eiken vasten. Ik proef vanille, kaneel, amandelen en hout. Droog en niet zoet.


I tasted this side by side with the Clement 6 year and the Clement Homere. This came closer to the Homere in terms of quality and taste. In fact, I prefer this to the Homere.

Tastes and smells of an agricole with oak, spice, almond, and cinnamon, with a slightly floral accent. It's a very nice agricole, though a bit dry for my taste.

Rhum très agréable. Offrez le pour faire plaisir à un proche.

Add 3 points to the score if you like Rhum Agricole's. I don't fancy the Clement 10 year at all since it is way too dry for my taste. It is a very flavorful Rhum Agricole in general terms, but not my cup of tea. There is no burn at the end at all, but the flavor profile is quite a mixture of very large bunch of flavors. It's not bad at all, but deserves a score of 5, nothing more.

Rum zoals rum moet zijn. Smaak blijft mooi rond voor een goede prijs.

Heerlijk gerijpt eikenhout tinten heerlijk om een sigaar erbij te roken

Il s'agit d'un assemblage de rhums de 10 ans d'âge.
Design : étui cartonnée, belle bouteille standard de chez Clément. Le rhum a une couleur dorée.
Nez : très parfumé, les odeurs de fruits secs et de boisé dominent.
Bouche : attaque douce, fruitée puis dominante de notes torréfiées et de fruits secs. Le boisé est très (trop?) présent.
Finale : Assez faible, petit arrière goût de réglisse, agréable.
Ce rhum est léger, agréable mais trop de boisé et pas assez de punch.
Le 6 ans m'a laissé une meilleure impression.

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

I really wanted to like this rum more that I did. For the price I would not buy again

Le boisée le tabac sont prédominants ! De l'amertume arrive ensuite (noix, pelure d'orange). Il ne laisse pas indifférent mais il faut aimer le rhum agricole !

Clement 10 Year is het resultaat van het vakkundig gebruiken van een mix van nieuwe en oude vaten tijdens het rijpingsproces, de oude rum van Clement komen met heerlijke karakteristieken van hout en kruiden zoals kaneel en zoete vanille.

Een oude rum die het resultaat is van een uitzonderlijke blend van rum die minstens 10 jaar hebben gerijpt in 200 liter vaten van eikenhout. Zalige aroma's openen met intense tonen van kruiden en gedroogd fruit. Rumkenners zullen de lengte van het palet en de hints van amandelen kunnen waarderen, hints die boven een aangename toon van rijk eikenhout liggen.

Un rhum très boisé; on sent bien que c'est un rhum agricole! Peut-être un peu trop...

If you like rhum agricole, you will like this one. If you don't like rhum agricole, maybe you will like it. I personally don't love rhum agricole, but this one I drink.

I have had the unique experience of living in the Caribbean and sampling many different rums, and this is one of the best. A lot of vanilla on the front and the back, and I was shocked when our friend mixed it with Coke, but it makes a fantastic Cuba Libre!

We taste this rum directly in the Destillerie Habitation Clément in Martinique :-)

A nice rum. Very woody in taste and smell. It has a nice dark color. I find this a complex rum, not meant for everyone.

Very good rum with a very woody bouquet and hints of almonds. In mouth, almond is always present and the oak takes over the notes of spices and dried fruis. A long finish. A very sweet but woody agricole rum. The vegetable and mineral side of rum is hidden by wood. Only for fans.

Pour avoir dégusté des Clément de 4, 6 et 10 ans, celui-ci est toujours un plaisir à déguster mais je me demande si je ne préfère pas le 6 ans. Le 10 ans est aussi sec que les autres, rhum agricole de Martinique oblige, mais je le trouve un peu trop boisé, cela a tendance à prendre un peu trop le dessus.

A boire sec ou avec un trait de sirop de canne. Epicé et boisé.

When I first went into this rhum, I was a bit shocked. Very unique, more like a Islay Scotch, but once you get a grip on it and take it for what it's worth you will find it pleasant to drink. I like some sweetness in my rum but this one has absolutely zero sugars to be found at any time during the enjoyment. Very smooth and good with a fat cigar out on the sun patio. I would have liked a cork top versus a plastic screw on.

I have hear so much about Clement that when I had the opportunity to purchase several different bottles I jumped at the chance.

The odor is somewhat astringent and rather strong. A bold aroma telling me this is a rum that is ready, willing, and able to kick some butt if one is not careful.

I have hear the term "grassy" used for agricole rum but wasn't sure of what it was. Until now. The initial flavor on the tongue is quite grassy but is countered by a mild cane sweetness and oakiness. No major burn. Just a nice warmth.

Definitely a versatile rum. Smoother than the Clement 6-year rum. A marked improvement. Those who enjoy a dry rum will find this an immensely satisfying sipping rum but it also makes for excellent mixed drinks as well. The agricole style will give a unique flavor. Too bad not more bars use this in their establishments. I believe it would be a desirable alternative to those wishing something a little different in their cocktails. Definitely a recommendable rum.

I had high expectations for this one, but got away disappointed. I just don't seem to love rum agricole in general so it might be me.

Ce Clément 10ans est un classique de la maison : assemblage de rhums d'au moins 10ans. On retrouve les marqueurs des rhums antillais : vanille, cannelle, sucre... et c'est bien bon !