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Not bad. Sort of Jamaica meets whiskey, but sweet. Nice over ice

African commodities being processed in England into a premium rum. This is certainly a special story, so I was very interested in trying this one. It is not a bad beginning from Matugga.

Nose: Glazed lemons, honey and syrup
Taste: Rich caramel, vanilla and a slight peppery tingle in the background
Overall: This is not a bad rum by any means. The backstory for this rum is more interesting than the rum itself, but there is hope for the future for Matugga rum.

Schönes helles Honiggelb im Glas.
In der Nase extrem nach reifen tropischen Früchten, Passionsfrucht, Mango, etwas wie Weisswein und Holz.
Im Gaumen sehr weich und angenehm, gebranntes Karamell mit Zitrusfrüchten, Schokolade mit Birnen und etwas getoastetes Holz.
Im Abgang lang und ergiebig, Schokolade und Vanille klingen nach.
Ein gutgemachter interessanter Rum, ein Cross-Over von Agricole und Navy Stile. Ein Rum der sicher seine Freunde findet. 7+

Beautiful light honey yellow in the glass.
In the nose extremely ripe tropical fruits, passion fruit, mango, something like white wine and wood.
On the palate very soft and pleasant, burnt caramel with citrus fruits, chocolate with pears and some toasted wood.
In the finish long and rich, chocolate and vanilla finish.
A well made interesting rum, a cross-over of Agricole and Navy styles. A rum that will surely find its friends. 7+

Vůně ovocná až mi to připomínalo pálenku ( slivovice ) , i v chuti je ovocná část znát . Navíc je hodně cítit větší obsah alkoholu . Jinak je ale chuť překvapivě dobrá .

Unusal rum, strong and sweet at the same time. Unusal flavour, like a sweet whisky with vanilla.

Doft av rök, smakar sött och kryddigt med en ton av rök. Kort eftersmak.

I drank worse, but still is not drinkable enough. Imagine sweet cake but filled with chemical waste.

Nechutny - smrdi jak redidlo a chutna jako redidlo...

A different rum, produced with african grown cane. The color is light golden with a greenish hue.
Nose: peppery, a bit like tequila, with accidic citrus notes and a hint of tar.
Taste: medium body with the same notes found in the nose but there’s also a subtle sweetness present in the background reminding me of heavy marmelade. The finish lingers with slightly smokey oak and tobacco. Once you get used to the profile, it’s not bad.

Jamaica produces several rums which have a very strong and offputting glue smell and taste to it. Matugga Golden Rum could easily come from Jamaica since it easily passes the glue test. Introduced in mid 2015 and produced from sugar cane in East Africa. Nice story, mediocre bottle, golden color and the rest is glue, glue and more glue.


The concept and ingredients are interesting. The honey finish is lovely with unfiltered particles in the bottle.
Soft flavor

Découvert lors du salon du rhum. Les cannes sont locales et fumées sous terre avant broyage. Ce coté fumé se marie vraiment bien avec le rhum de mélasse typé plutôt britannique. Mais tout ce sucre ajouté.....quel gâchis.
Si une version non sucrée et full proof voyait le jour je suis sur que ce serait un rhum magnifique.

Here we have an african-uk rum. Made with sugar canes from uganda and then finished in UK oak barrels, this rum is very sweet with vanilla and spice aromas.

Smoky finish.

It's a rum that will please most new style rum fans.

A different flavour that is almost scotch-like in aspects that doesn't have much depth or complexity to it but it is quite smooth and easy to drink.