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Cl ment creole shrubb rum

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Reading some of the reviews here, there seems to be some confusion over what Creole Shrubb is and how to use it. While I suppose some might drink it straight over ice, Creole Shrubb really shines best as a component in more sophisticated cocktails. Far more complex and nuanced than Grand Marnier, Creole Shrubb uses an agricole base instead of neutral spirits. The underlying grassy notes, combined with the additional spices make this an indispensable component in well rounded drinks.

This is the only choice if you want to make a great mai tai, and is extremely sippable on its own. Once you've had this you will never think about buying Pyrat rum again.

Sweet, decadent orange flavored liquor that is great enjoyed neat. Has similar traits with Pyrat and Grand Marnier.

Ce schrub est bon car tres doux.a 9
e a l habitation pourquoi sans priver.le cote orange est bien present et prend le sessus sur l alcool.un bon schrub.certains etant sur l orange amere celui la est sur la douceur.seul nemol on ne sent pas la specificite du rhum clement.contrairement a celui de bielle qui est le meilleur au monde car on reconnait bielle a travers le produit.

Szeretem az édes, likőrös ízeket, és kíváncsi voltam egy narancsos ízű rumra. Hát ez nem az. Én voltam a naiv, a címke nem hazudik. Ez tényleg inkább egy narancslikőr, amiben valahol mélyen, nálam hozzáértőbbek, talán megtalálják a rumot. Nekem csak cukor, alkohol és narancs, ebben a sorrendben. Ha egy minőségi, édes narancslikőrt keresel, hát hajrá, ha egy rumot narancsos aromákkal, akkor szerintem csalódni fogsz. Ráadásul nekem érzésre nagyon ipari aromás, mű ízt hagyott hátra. A Clément-et szeretem, ha rumot csinál, ez tisztán felejthető.

" narancshéjon áztatott agricole rumlikőr " szerintem ezt elég elolvasni, és máris összefut a nyál az ember szájában .hehe...meg azt is írják hogy : " egy pár fős társaság is pillanatok alatt a fenekére verhet " és ez is igaz, édes narancsos kényeztetés a toroknak és szájüregnek, Tisztán de koktélokba is remek, a csajok is odavannak érte !!

Replaces very well Cointreau or Grand Manier, even for the better! Can be used in cocktails like Mai Tai and many others. A bit too sweet for my taste to drink it "straight" but I'm not too much of a sweet tooth anyway, still the girls all seem to like it a lot ;)

At the risk of drawing ire from follow Grand Marnier devotees, I must say that I find this smoother, better tasting and longer lasting than my former favorite orange-infused beverage. It has also replaced GM as an ingredient in our desserts like creme brulee, mousse and cashew toffee.

Was lovely as a quick shooter. .. decent afterburn and lovely subtle taste of orange ..

Sirup artig sehr starker orangen Geschmack. Rhum Geruch liegt eher im Hintergrund. Geschmacklich ausgewogen

The shrubb is a creole liqueur for christmas, it's a rhum flavored with orange peel.
This one tastes like orange syrup with a lot of sugar and probably some artificial aromas.
But it's an "easy to drink" and that's what matters.
With a lot of ice.

Liqueur vraiment très sucrée, je vous recommande de prendre le temps de faire ce mélange vous même! (offert par un copain qui m'a sifflé ma bouteille de Shrubb maison...)

I wasn't expecting to like this much, as I thought Clement rum was too dry to go with orange. I was wrong!

This has a very creamy syrupy texture, with a super sweet orange flavor! Borderline too sweet, though I admit I have a sweet tooth and I REALLY like it! In fact, I much prefer this to the Pyrat XO, the Pyrat 1623, and the Santa Teresa Orange.

Although this is really more of a liqueur than a rum, it's orange liqueur done right, and you will really like it if you're in the mood for a sweet treat!

The people who make this call it Orange Liqueur, not rum, and yet here it sits on a rum website. Probably because it's made with rum. Be that as it may, it's really tasty on its own, or with ice, and certainly in Tiki cocktails.

First off: This is rum as much as Grand Marnier is Cognac.

It tastes a lot like Grand Marnier but smoother and lighter.

que ce soit en cocktails ou nature, c'est bon...
...mais ce n'est pas un rhum a proprement parler.

I can also see sipping this at Christmas, though Stroh 80 would do a better job of lighting the pudding.
lovely zesty orange nose.
taste still a little sweet but it is a liqueur and when mixing care is needed with a sour lest it be overwhelmed
Beginning to really like it on its own

Cette liqueur martiniquaise, faite à base de rhum Clément, est délicieuse à boire avec ou sans glaçons :)

Arôme(s) : Orange

Great product, can be used to sub orange liqueur in cocktails, it´s great in a Mai Tai for example.

As a "shrub" in the vintage sense rather than the new vinegar syrups of today, this stuff is delicious. Great orange flavor, not heavy sugared or cloying. Just a smooth clean flavor with the finish of agricole rhum.

an excellent mixer with orange...(maybe a little cocoa liqueur)...for an orange bomb...sweet orange, not subtle just straight up nice...relax yourself and have a large one....

A good orange liqueur based on rum, very nice flavor develloped in cocktail.

Not recommended as a substitue of Grand Marnier.

Nice smooth rum with alot of orange flavor. Great with cola

This shrubb (which is a creole drink they use to drink for christmas) is already fantastic by it's orange flavor. But the Shrubb Clément is just wonderful! Made with some french agricole rum from Martinique, fresh orange peels ans local spices, this is clearly a must have for the winter days.

Cl ment creole shrubb rum