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96 Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year ratings

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Jeremy XO 15-Year er en rigtig god Rom, sød og meget behagelig at drikke

First I smell the vanilla aroma. The rum doesn't have the body, but in tends to the sweet rums and in this type of rums tends to be one of the better ones.

I was like many others surprised. Thought it had a cheap taste but I loved it . I don’t see myself bored in the near future

Don't underestimate this one because of the name. :)
Smooth aroma and taste a mixture of vanilla,coffe and caramel. Don't mess with the Jeremy.

Perfect advertising. Funny and also more importantly...true! Love the little touch of bourbon taste in combination with the extraordinary smoothness. Sweetness is also balanced very well, I think this rum will never start to bore me.

The nose is sweet and soft with brown sugar, vanilla and caramel. Sipping is a shockingly sweet experience. I pick up a dominating note of brown sugar supplemented by vanilla. The finish is close to not existing, but there’s a very tiny hint of barrel. A little one-dimensional and way to sweet for my taste. A real lady pleaser though. Pun intended.

Nice to enjoy with some dessert or coffee. Not to strong or burn. Good middle class rum

First experience - nice. No problem to try it again!

Vzhladom na pozadie vzniku tohto rumu som vela neocakaval... Opak je pravdou, vona je nadherna, citit vanilku, karamel, chut je sladka s jemnym pozadim alkoholu... Pre milovniko sladsich rumov skvela volba.

As soon as I opened the bottle I tried it neat and it was alcoholy with a slight burn but through that I could sense the complexity of aromas struggling to get through.
I left it for a month and a half untouched.

Coming back to it I opened the bottle again and the alcoholy smell was gone. The complex aromas that were struggling at first came to light which are notes of fruit, spice, caramelised nuts and honey. Very, very good now and would not drink it mixed.

I am still waiting to try it on the rocks.


Purchased a bottle for avout £35 from The Whisky Exchange after previously trying the spiced version. It's not spectacular but it's decent for the price there's a touch too much ethanol harshness for me to enjoy straight over ice it's ok, with coke it is. Strong chocolate flavoursm

I bought this rum purely because of the name, which was a little clever even though we are dealing with a porn legend. To my surprise I also got a fairly decent rum for my collection.

Nose: Sweet and deep caramel, coffee and a hint of oak
Taste: A smooth and warm taste of caramel with a small hint of oak
Overall: This is a decent rum for beginners and not just a gimmick with a "funny name". It is however too sweet to really hit the spot for me. It is however a good rum, when you need a little cozy sipper.

Somewhere under the sweeteners there is a hint of a decent rum, at least the sweetness feels natural unlike other additive-flavored rums. Otherwise, the after-taste reminds of chocolate, which somewhat redeems it.

Otestoval jsem jen jeden velký panák v baru, nevím jak bych popsal vůni, jelikož tam bylo hodně rušivých elementu. Proto můžu hodnotit spíše jen chut. První doušek mi připomněl Presidente 15, El Commandante a Diplomatico. Je to takový jemný mix výše popsaných rumů. Méně medový než Presidente. Podobně kořeněný jako Commandante. Trochu méně sladký než Diplomatico. Rozhodně velmi dobrý rum s přijatelnou cenovkou.

Sweet rum. Better than expected and it tickles my curiousity


One of my favorite in middle class. Nice smell and taste with pleasant bouquet,

Not too expensive, that's always welcome :-)

Sweet tones in the start are unfortunatelly followed by plain body and aftertaste. What a pity, with more balance this would have been 9.

Tak nejak jsem necekal tolik aprekvapebi bylo prijemne. Urcite ho budu muset znovu nekde ochutnat.

Dark colour, sweet taste, a real crowd pleaser. Had it with me in a hipflask, and suddenly the bottle was empty. Everyone was enjoying it, but it may not be the most sophisticated rum.

Not bad. On the nose furniture polish, oak, treacle, burnt toffee, tea
On the palate - brown sugar, sweet tea, softly stewed fruits, caramel
The aftertaste - sweet tea, smooth mild coffee, warmth, a touch of vanilla

Overall - it is very sweet - I'd say sweeter than something like Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva, but lacking that rums depth of flavours and warming alcohol smack. It's also thinner than that despite it's lovely brown colour.
I like it and am unsure whether it deserves a 7 or an 8. I'm going to err towards a 7...but a good 7.

Sweeter taste, fruits and with alcohol feeling end. Taste of vanilla and caramel comes after the end of drink.


Its not easy to drink..bittersweet harmony, you gotta lovit or hate it..

Mycket anis misstänksamt mycket,. Men helt klart bra!

En meget rund og blid rom, som de fleste nok ville kunne drikke. Jeg havde faktisk ikke forventet mig så meget af denne rom, men der er dog stadig på det jævne.