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This appeared to be a high-end rum from Appleton, although it's age is unclear - Regardless, I was expecting a very good rum. The bottle itself is quite nice, and the colour a rich amber. The rum has a decent smell, a little oaky and sweet. This rum is too harsh for me to drink straight, although it has a typical Jamaican "dryness" and depth to it. OK for the price, but not a top shelf rum - Good with a nice sweet cola (I had it with Coke Life) though.

Not the greatest, but it'll do in a pinch. Better for mixes than sipping.

There are definitely better rums in this price range but I won't shoot it down completely. Has an English style rum punch to it with some fruity notes.
Be nice as a mixing rum, good on the rocks once the water melted a little, otherwise it was a tad to strong for my liking.
Would happily drink it but I say that about every rum haha

Simply ok, I would not buy again as better value rums are out their

I was a fan of the V/X, which this supposedly replaced. However, there's nothing here for me. Blended to complacency for a typical consumer, I feel.

Why they have even made this?!?!? Pass years I have had this feeling that the quality of Appleton has gone down. Even their 12-years old does not taste as it used to.
I was expecting little more when I decided to taste these "relatively new ones" Signature and Estate Reserve Blend. Same crap both of them. This one is just slightly more interesting, but unfortunately interesting does not make it better

Was hoping for a sipper, but definitely a little harsh for that, for the price wasnt excited.

Sugar: 0 gpl. Got a bottle of this as a present and quickly opened it as I thought it was something special. Must have been the new label or I had consumed too much rum already. It's okay as a mixer. It seems that Appleton is taking whatever they have left over from various barrels and calling it a reserve blend. There are some trace elements of tastes found in the higher priced Appleton's but it's my opinion that Appleton is aiming for the Bacardi section of the market with the price of this rum. It's still better than Bacardi, but the bar has been lowered. It's a fair to decent mixing rum. Spend the extra and get the Appleton 12 year old.

I cannot believe how Appleton Estate has jumped into the glue rum wagon! Some older ones are slightly better, but the Reserve Blend is just nasty alcohol and glue to the nose and palate. Burn is nasty at the end. Struggles to earn a 3.

Bought this just to try before reading any reviews. For the price I was hoping for a decent sipping rum but as already mentioned it is a bit harsh neat. Tried it with ginger ale but didn’t taste very nice. Not tried with cola yet but will edit the review if that changes any opinions. Would be best used in cocktails as that would cut the harsh taste. Smells nice just to strong for me

Tasting notes talk about intense orange which I did not get. Its a dryer version of the Signature with less burn. I would use as a mixer but the Signature is fine for that. Ok Rum that I would not knock back if offered ,but I can do better for the price

I tasted this along side with the discontinued Appleton Reserve, and I felt this was a nice improvement. This has a little more spice, and a little more flavor than that does.

This is a LOT closer to the Appleton 12, thought that one still takes the nod in a side by side comparison.

Smells and tastes of oak, hazelnut, nutmeg, vanilla, and molasses.

Although the 12 is better, I rate them both a 7!

This rum is especially smooth when you consider it's price point and age. Not to mention it tends to be readily available. This high rating is mostly to balance out what I believe is an unfairly low rating here.

Somewhat of an ordinary taste. I don't feel its worth the money. The appleton name gives it shelf space, but I preferred El Dorado12( as did a previous reviewer) also for about the same money.

Good Jamaican mixer! Lots of caramel and makes a good mai tai

Not too bad wouldn't rush out to buy again not when you can buy a taken or sailor jerrys for the same price

This is right on the border between mixer and sipping. It's not close to Appleton's better bottles (the ones with years in the name) but it's a nice step above the signature blend.
I love this in Dr. Pepper. The spice matches and it has a good balance of sugar and the body holds up.

mna tento rum nicim neoslovil. vytlacit don limetku a mame homemade daiquiri z tmavehu rumu :-)

Im an Appleton Estate drinker...this is typical between Signature and 12 year old...for the price, I would go with the Signature

Good to mix but didn't blow me away. Not worth the extra cost over captain for a rum and coke.

This is my go to rum love everything about it flavours and all

I really like this rum., but it is a little pricey. Nice color and very smooth. No burn. Only problem is the price. I can get El Dorado 12 for about the same price.

UPDATE (7+): After revisiting this rum, my opinion of it changed completely. I was served the last of a bottle, so it was plenty oxidized. There were no offensive high notes, and the rum was very smooth compared to my first tasting. The pot-still characteristics seemed more present, and I would be more than happy to mix or sip this again!

ORIGINAL REVIEW (6+): It's not at all offensive, but there's just not much there of what makes a confident Jamaican mixing rum. Not enough funk (too blended), and just a little too much bite. So, there's little draw. It seems as though Appleton is really aiming for mass-market appeal with their lower-end (but not inconsiderably priced) offerings, which is a shame.

Personally I prefer to purchase bottles I enjoy more on their own (as well as mix with), which are easy enough to find around this price-point. I think the Reserve Blend really a fine choice for Tiki drinks, but I expected a little more. Perhaps the 12-year is for me (which I'd really like to try soon), but I hesitate to mix with anything that costs north of $30.

It's very possible I passed judgment too quickly on this bottle, without giving it time breathe [edit: that's exactly what happened]. Or that my expectations for this as a sipper are unreasonable. I'll come back to it when I can and see if my perceptions have changed :).

Despite my disappoint, I'd still happily recommend this venerable brand's offering for use as a go-to Jamaican mixer, especially if you're tempted to opt for the Signature Blend, which I am not looking forward to trying anytime soon. I give the Reserve Blend a 6-plus.

No more no less just ok. Price ok for everyday quality rum.