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I do like cachaca, but this just strikes me as another one of those creative cask expressions that didn't really work.
N- Big hits of golden raisin, followed by some sugar, raw egg and cinnamon.
P- More golden raisin along with tree sap and some vanilla
F- Some vegetal stuff finally comes out.

Immediately on smelling it, it's very apparent that it's different from the Prata. They have very little in common.

The noise is very interesting. Cinnamon, artificially flavored French toast, varnish, and—I kid you not—new disposable diapers. Super weird! Once I made that connection, there was no enjoyment to be had.

This stuff has potential, but IMO, it should be mixed away in something that can mask/counter the flavor.

I'd be interested in tasting other cachaças aged in Amburana wood to get a better sense of what it's adding to the distillate (as well as the Avua Oak for comparison). But so far, for my money, I'll go with the young, steel-rested distillate.

5, 5+

Avuá(av-wah) Cachaça is a darn good cachaça. This is made even better and more unique in that it has been aged in wood. It tastes of cinnamon and "je ne sais quoi". It's nose is pleasantly spicy and almost tangy.

I didn't care for this avua offering, I found the amburana a tad too much for me. I like cacahaca, and appreciate the grass-like nature and woodiness it can attain, but this didn't work for me.

This is a very good cachaça (though I'm not a huge cachaça fan). It's like an agricole with a unique and interesting scent/flavor added in. I'm guessing that's the amburana aging, though I've never smelled amburana wood before. It's truly unique and therefore very difficult to describe, but it makes this a fun rum to try!

This is definitely the best Cachaça I've ever tried! I even prefer it to their oak Cachaça.