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One of the best smelling rums I've had. Very sweet smell of butterscotch and vanilla. Not overbearing or heavy, just sweet and delicious. The first taste starts with a subtle essence of sweetness that is quickly followed by a distinctive agricole flavor of vegetable and grass. The finish is a nice caramel flavor that matches the aroma but accompanied by a sharp but short burn. Not my style of rum but I found myself continuing to sip it to experience the unique sweet and harsh flavor. Clearly a quality rum. The aroma alone will have me pouring another glass.


Kirk & Sweeney 12 year rum was one of the earlier premium rums I sampled on RumRatings. Less than a month after that I found a bottle of K&S 23 and rated it as well. Since then I've educated myself somewhat on rums and have K&S as one of my favorite brands. All three in the K&S line get a "9" from me. This one is simply delicious. Wonderful aroma. Beautiful amber color. And a outstanding flavor with vanilla, toffee, and even a butteriness to it. Very, very smooth with no harsh burn. Just a mellow warmth with oak tones that add no bitterness.

One day...perhaps soon...I'm going to line all three up and sip a little of each in order (12, 18, 23) just to see the differences between them. I'll try to remember to add to my reviews what I find. IMHO you cannot go wrong with any of the K&S rums.

I was super impressed by the Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Rum, so I bought their 18 and 23 year rums. Those are even better! What's more impressive is that they are both primarily based on sugarcane (agricole), which I've never cared that much for before these. The 18 is pretty close to the 23 in taste; in fact they're almost equal. The 18 is just a bit sweeter, while the 23 tastes just a bit more aged (much like the difference between the El Dorado 15 and 21). I like both sweet and aged, so I'm torn between the two. I'll give the 18 a very slight edge over the 23, just like I give the ED 15 a very slight edge over the ED21. But I definitely believe they are both very good. Vanilla, sugarcane, caramel, nutmeg, oak, and just a hint of sherry. The nose is incredible. You've GOT to try this!

Well-aged rum trace on the nose — brown sugar, vanilla, and some chocolate/coffee overtones. The body starts things off in that direction, then takes an interesting twist toward some curious red wine notes. The coffee trace builds as the finish grows, along with some leather notes and a bit of dense sweetness, almost Port-like as it mingles with that wine-like character. Austere and worthwhile.

Love This rum, among a favorit now. Super tasty flavor, slightly smokey edge

The nose starts of with a rich butterscotch aroma. Followed with a buttery and floral smell. First sip has a touch of heat but that mellows quickly. The mouth feel is velvety and rich. Sampling between the 12, 18 and 23 year rums..the 18 is the sweet spot. I highly recommend.


I wanted to try that rum many months. When I bought celebrate opening and drinking...and....I felt disappointment. Ok - good balance, smooth...but...nothing special for me. Light vanilla in nose, woody but taste....nothing special....really nothing to remember...hmmm maybe I was expected something great...maybe that's my fault...obviously I need to try one more bottle. Then I can update info.

This is an amazing rum. The 18 year is sweeter, fruitier, and smoother going down than the 12 year which is itself an amazing rum. I love the taste this leaves on my lips after a sip. Not a mixer, don't waste this rum like that.

The smell is amazing. Vanilla ! The taste is vanilla and caramel. Very nice!


This is everything I like in rum. It's sweet, but not sugary. It has an alcohol burn, but is pretty damn smooth. The aroma is incredible.

My first thought of the scent was maple syrup, but the more I drink it the more I think butterscotch is a better description. The taste is excellent - full and well-balanced. A bit like brandy. Not fruity.

I usually drink rum on the rocks, and frequently with lime. I haven't been able to bring myself to do either with this.

Additionally, I think it's really great relative to its price point. The other rums I've had that were this good were a lot more expensive.

Once again, anything less than a 9 for this rum is unconscionable! It is just as good as the 23 with some small differences. This one is a little less sweet, a little less oaked, and has a tiny bit of a dryer almond taste. Other than that, its pretty much the same review I wrote for the 23. Next stop, the 12 year. Yeah, I did this one totally backwards...

Got this for Christmas and everything about this was wonderful. The bottle itself is just a great piece of art

Mmm... Burnt sugar, brown butter and caramel right away. Drifting away quickly as well and leaving a semi-dry briny finish.

We tried this because my wife liked the K & S 12 year. I thought this was even better and so did she.

There is a very strong aroma of vanilla in this rum. One of the strongest scents of any rum I have ever had. You can smell it as soon as you open the bottle. The rum is very smooth and you have a hint of vanilla in the taste. Very good sipper.

I drink it on the rocks with with one ice cube,.

I have tried the 12, 18and 25 year olds and like most tasters this has it all.

I only have good to say about this rum. Tried it neat, and I’d never have it any other way. Sweet smoky fragrance. Feels thick on the tongue, smooth, no bite. Just enjoyment. If the 18 is this good, I cannot wait to try the 23.

Excelent rhum, vraiment tres bon, savoureux et doux en bouche

One of the most disappointing rums I have had. I wouldn't say it was the worst rum I've ever had, but it certainly didn't seem a good one either. It seemed very under par for the press and build up it got.

Perhaps the clue is in the's in a fancy bottle (which must be a chunk of the cost), it's supposed to be 18 years old and yet it only costs roughly £ maybe £40 for the rum and £5 for the bottle then...maybe even more for that bottle? Most 15 year old rums, let alone 18, cost at least a tenner more than that..hmmm

The nose was vanilla and sugar with a hint of cheap perfume; the taste was sugar and caramel, a subtle hint of violet cream in the background and a strongish alcohol burn that was a little insipid in the act of warming. The afertaste is quickly gone and is vanilla and caramel... and again that sort of cheap perfumey taste - violet, geranium, patchouli...dunno. I have previously only encountered a perfume-like quality in Pink Pigeon...I didn't like that either, but at least it was more fitting in a vanilla spiced rum aimed mainly at ladies.

If I had to sum this up, I'd say it's like a "premium rum" with someone deliberately adding a bland sweetener and sucking out some of the taste to make it as insipid as you can get away with whilst still being able to call it a "premium." I know there are many on here who like this a lot...but more than an other rum I've tried on here, I just don't get it. I can honestly see why some folk rave about Don Papa more than they do about this. The more I drank this, the more I really disliked it. I had to go and drink somethink else after it to remove the taste.

Pusser's, El Dorado, La Hechicera to name but three are several times more interesting. No contest.

I'm not the sophisticated rum drinker that some of you are. So, this review won't contain descriptions of taste that make no sense to me. Quite simply, this is obviously a very high quality rum, smooth and amazingly pleasant, it is absolutely enjoyable to sip straight.

Just tried. Well balanced. Notes of vanilla . I just compared to Zavala 23 and zafra 21, really good taste. I'm returning to the good rums to sip.

I love both the K & S 18 and 23 year rums. Locally, 18 year is $42 and 23 year is $50. Molasses, caramel and vanilla overtones. Mellow oak. Very smooth.

Really nice rum with a smooth taste and a softness that is fantastic.

A good value rum with enjoyable oak flavors. A 6.5 on my scale.

It’s a good rum with a lot of flavor and a little bite. However, I would say it is priced in the market where there are other brands and choices to consider that are comparable and even better.