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Medium old monk the ledgend rum 400

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I bought this at New Delhi airport duty free and was sure 20 USD for 1 liter of positively reviewed rum is a steal, until I tasted it. Not enjoyable for sipping at all. Has a strong aftertaste I can't pinpoint, and it's not pleasant. No issue with sweetness and not all that harsh. It's just that foul aftertaste. I'll update my review once I try to mix it with Coke, but I normally drink rum neat, so that's not a priority.

BTW, the bottle is very nice, but why not invest a few more rupees for a better looking cap and labels?

Distinctly harsher than rums aged the same amount.


I can't profess to be an expert but I'm guessing that the great age of this has also made it boring. The flavour was heavy with molasses & somewhat flat. There was no spiciness or complexity of aftertaste.
It was drinkable & improved when opened up with a little water or ice but I personally wouldn't ask for it or buy it myself.

Interesting bottle! Smoother than the XXX. Best as a mixed drink with cola. Not recommended to drink neat

Yeah, I purchased this bottle , having tasted the old monk supreme.
This is much refined similar to the alcohol found in higher distillates. A light palate, not quite like other traditional rums, and lacks the flavors of molasses/caramel. Some expect that in rum. However if i did a blind tasting, people would say its some soft of Irish whiskey or Rye / sour mash.
The tasting was done with 3 other friends , who were left with the same reaction of " WOW , Rum, I cannot believe it, Its so smooth"
This is not your traditional rum, Pairs well with maduro or lighter cigars. No headache/hangover issues as found in liquor containing lower distillates. I throughly enjoyed it, neat, no ice , no mixer, no cola. That's the best way to sip and smoke and relax.

What a disappointment and what a hard bottle to find here in the US. Smell is offputting but quite mild, color is nice dark but hardly any legs so indication that very little sugar in it, but the taste test was a shocker. Old Monk The Legend tastes like a damp wet cellar and very woody. Maybe the barrel was all moldy, who knows, but struggles to score even a 4.

as far as old monk goes they are all good. slowly went from XXX to Supreme and now the Legend.

The legend is way more oaky than i thought. and it being aged the spices isnt really there. still a great rum but i perfer the other varations. love the bottle though

Velmi výrazná chuť, která mě neoslovila. A jelikož mám radši jemnější rumy, tak to není nic pro mě.

I was given this really cool bottle having asked a good friend to bring me a bottle of Old Monk rum back from India. Love the bottle, it looks more like an old Roman Statesman, not a monk. The taste could be more interesting, so I am tempted to infuse this bottle with a hint of spices.

Serious molasses, a little too think and coats the mouth. Opens up with water and has a nice spice and hunt of cinnamon but still very sweet with a little sour aftertaste. Not my favorite but interesting rum and worth a taste