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20 Matusalem 7-Year ratings

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A pretty bottle of 1970s design. Vanilla is too much in the fragrance. Pleasure from taste no: alcohol and bitter herbs. The aftertaste does not please, but does not upset. Quality moderate booze.

I'm really not sure if I tried the 7 or 15 yo version (probably 7), but I remember it harsh, not smooth, drinkable in a Cuba Libre yes, but like HC7, not a choice I would repeat if I have other choices.

Had a very untasteful experience with this one. Not my thing.

Vite bu, vite oublié. Pas écœurant mais seulement si on a que ça a boire.

Tried the Ron Matusalem 23y, 10y and 7y back-to-back. The 23y is much darker in color, semi dark, but the 10y and 7y are very light. Surprisingly light for aged rums. Both the 10y and the 7y have the same smell and flavor profile as the older sibling, but obviously both younger ones are much less matured and developed in the flavor department. The 7y has a very strong alcohol smell and taste to it, much more than the 10y.

Very sweet and easy to drink; very soft afterburn and I personally love it straight at room temperature.

Au nez, une forte senteur de caramel
En bouche, une forte présence de l'alcool malgré les 40 degrés
Finale en bouche assez courte
Ensemble qui manque de finesse sans méchanceté

expected more, dissapointing impression, my opinion - Matusalem 5 years is better

Sweet and vanilla flavored, bit more delicate than the cheaper Matusalems - overall a nice add to a mojito or can of coke, even if not great in total.

I expected more from a 7-year aged rum. Not much taste to it, quite soft, no aftertaste, somewhat boring.

Perfekt att använda som en drickingrediens. Inte någon favorit att avnjuta som en avec men klart en helt ok rom.

Not amazing slight aftervurn... Nice to smell and a bit different to drink but wouldn't go out of my way to buy it

Men lite tunn i smaken. Men den skall inte underskattas. Bra bjudrom.

Suave, this is a word which the cubans use to describe different conditions. The Matusalem 7 is very good rum and a favourite of mine in the last 5-6 years. The taste is sweet and the finish is very soft, but still not as Elexir or something like. Definately my choice when i am out or have guests at home.

Dal corpo rotondo ma non invasivo, il Matusalem 7 lascia assaporare in avangusto note di cacao e tabacco. Retrogusto un po' più ispido e alcolico che permette però di preservare i sentori principali senza "bruciarli". Da gustare liscio con sorsate non eccessivamente masticate.

Very strong and powerful rum.
Soft round smooth attack with powerful long finish.


Comme le havana club, excellent ron pour les cocktails. Prix extrêmement compétitif en Espagne... Coup de coude, clin d'oeil...

Il "piccolo" della famiglia Matusalem.
Acerbo e in via di sviluppo ma, pur sempre un buon rum.
Senza troppe pretese, si attesta un gradino sopra i rum "commerciali" e da "cocktail".
Caramello leggero, vaniglia e un generale sapore dolce e fine.
Buono, da gustare lentamente.
Un rum che potrebbe dare molto di più, lasciandolo aprire all'aria e abbinandolo ad un buon cioccolato amaro.
Easy con gusto.

Der er nu noget over Matusalems flasker, som jeg som samler ikke kan modstå. Det er nu sådan at selv min højt elskede kone er med på samler vognen og dermed er med til at udvælge de rom vi skal have :-)

Sweet with taste of vanilla and fudge.
My favourite dark rum for grogs.
I often use it for Cuba Libre and Fidel Castro :-)