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3 howls gold label rum 400

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2 3 Howls Gold Label ratings

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A rum from Seattle, Washington. A long way from the traditional Caribbean scene.

Grunge rum?


Actually it's fairly decent rum. It has potential to be much better.

The rum has a hue akin to apple juice...sort of a straw color with hints of gold.

The aroma in my snifter reveals sweetness which is confirmed upon tasting. Sugared a bit?

The label indicates the rum was aged only 6 months which accounts for the light color. What it was aged in is not specified on the label or on their website. Not much specific information on either. There does seem an oak undertone to it. I truly wonder how this rum would tasted if allowed to age a full 5 years or more.

Smooth enough to be a sipper for some but I feel it works best in mixed drinks.

Good, tastes as if it is pot stilled which is what I prefer

3 howls gold label rum 400