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11 Flor de Cana Anejo Oro 4-Year ratings

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For roughly $23 for a 1L you get one amazing rum. Good on it's own, the rocks, or with Cola. Mild smell, mild but good taste. Simply delicious.

This rum has a beautiful dark golden colour and a nice mild (not harsh) smell. The flavour is rich, with sweet and smoky tones. Makes an excellent rum and coke!

For a 4 year old rum it is good. I like the 12 year rum they offer a lot better.

Not smooth enough for a Sipping Rum, but ideal for mixing with coke

A good start for tasting rums in Nicaragua. It's very smooth and you can drink it straight up or mixed.

Just before tasting this rum I had tasted and reviewed the Flor de Cana Gran Reserva 7-year.

First off, there's very little difference between the two.

The aroma is just about the same however this is a lighter amber...almost a liquid golden hue.

The flavor is complex as well. Just not as complex and smooth as the 7-year. But close. I pick up on the initial hint of sweetness and vanilla and then the oak flavor. A dry finish as well. Just not quite as smooth at the 7-year.

I give both rums a 7 but it is more along the lines of a 7.75 for the 7-year as opposed to a 7.0 for the 4 year. A tad too rough to be a sipping rum for most but a great mixing rum.

Definitely recommendable.

This is one of the best dry rums you can buy and is amazing value for money..... I drank a lot of this is Canada and will continue to drink it jn the future

I was interested in trying this because it had a score of 9 (as of this review) and only cost 10.99 (K&L Wines 2016). I tried this side by side with the Flor de Cana 18, and it came very close. However, I'm not a huge fan of the Flor de Cana rums.

Relatively dry, with notes of spice, oak, almond, and caramel. Not bad for the money, but certainly not a 9 in my opinion.

This is by far my favorite lower end rum. I drink it neat and sometimes on the rocks. I did a blind taste test with friends and they couldn't believe it was only aged 4 years. This is a great rum for under $25.

Medium amber in color. Nice and smooth on the rocks. Finish is a little short. Flavor mid range. Good value in its price range.

Whether you are mixing this rum with coke, or sipping it on ice, it is a smooth delightful taste. The best I have tried so far.