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35 Flor de Cana Anejo Oro 4-Year ratings

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Nice for mixing or sipping.. enjoyed this one.. not bad for the price...

I killed about 3 of these bottles during my trip to Mexico at an all-inclusive. They had some good quality rums and they didn't skimp on drinks

For a 4 year old rum it is good. I like the 12 year rum they offer a lot better.

For roughly $23 for a 1L you get one amazing rum. Good on it's own, the rocks, or with Cola. Mild smell, mild but good taste. Simply delicious.

This rum has a beautiful dark golden colour and a nice mild (not harsh) smell. The flavour is rich, with sweet and smoky tones. Makes an excellent rum and coke!

When in Riviera Maya, FdC is a major a major brand offered by 4-5 star all-inclusives. FdC 7 is awesome as a go to, daily favorite. FdC 12-year is “so choice” when offered at 5 star all-inclusive (way too rich for my real world budget). FdC 4, while a great value, does not stand up to other mid-level rums, or its older brothers. Therefore, step up to FdC 7 or move to other brands.

With so many sweetened rums out there, its great to have a dry option. Dries tend to work great when mixed with fruit juices, and this one is no exception. It can be had for $14 in Wisconsin, and so I use it for fruit maceration and blends to a great effect. The Creme De Bananes I make with this is particularly good... the dryness from the rum opens up toasty and deep banana flavors that are otherwise lost when steeping with a sweeter rum. For the simple mixer, clementine juice is a great pairing.

This is the entry level rum from Flor de Cana and I have always raved about it's 7 year old big brother as being such a great value. Well this one is $16 per bottle and $6 cheaper. I once had a man in the supermarket ask which one he should get and I told him that the 7 year old was worth the few extra bucks. He must have been broke because he bought this one instead. At any rate, I also don't regret buying this one again. The aroma has no alcohol burn and mellow sweet wood greets the palate. The slight burn going down the pipe is what makes this one different from the 7 year old. It can be sipped neat, but is not really complex enough. Drink it on the rocks or in any favorite mixed drink. At this price, one will never feel guilty about drinking too much. As an added bonus, there is no added sugar, which means no hangover.

On first taste the rum is quite smooth yet still has a bit of heat to it. The initial body is quite light and slightly watery. There is little flavour retention. I get hints of vanilla, sugar cane, caramel, and earthy wood similar to mulch. These quickly dissipate leaving a slightly dull aftertaste. This rum could be mixed or sipped neat and is quite OK for an entry level drinker. 7/10

It may have been lingering effects of having the 25 year old before it, but this was surprisingly sippable. I was told that this is the rum they drink in the Nicaraguan cigar factories. Lightly colored and just a hint of sweetness. It paired wonderfully with my Perdomo, like they were made for each other. When I think rum this is what I envision. This is a blue collar rum, and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

This rum just makes the sipper class for me..and at about $20 bucks a bottle that is something...slight alcohol bite, but that's expected at 4 years. Great as a mixer as well.

Best rum in it's class. In fact, better then alot of the rums in the $50 - $100 per liter category.

I decided to give this a try based on its rating. It’s smooth with a hint of vanilla, and it tastes great in a mixer (how I usually consume my rum). It’s not bitter and grows on you as you finish your first drink and happily order/make another. Thumbs up!

Un ron que conserva sabores clásicos de un ron joven pero no deja resaca al día siguiente.
Para un costo beneficio positivo.

Easy to find and relatively well reviewed for the price. I just don't like it. There's something fruity maybe about it that I could never place.

its a good rum to drink in the Cubas Libres. The flavour is good!

I first tasted this rum while in Costa Rica at the Secrets resort in Papagaya. I used to drink Capt. Morgan and they didn't have it. So, I had to try a dark rum and this was delicious! It is so smooth you could drink it easily on the rocks, but I drank it with diet coke. Now I hope I can find it here in Florida. Love the rich taste and how smooth it is. I also tried it with creame of coconut and pineapple juice and it was yummy with it too.

In order to drink this rum neat with no problem whatsoever, since it's 4 years old is by drinking it on the shots. This method is perfect since it goes down real smoothly without any sensation of burn or bitternesss whatsoever. If you want to sip it like wine then the best possible way is by doing it on the rocks or by buying the 7 year old Flor De Caña neat. I love this rum on the shots because it goes down so smoothly, feels good, and has a deep dark mellow sweet taste of caramel and a awesome smell of nectar flowers. It's a must buy for spirit lovers. Shots only !!

My rum tasting began 15 years ago with Flor de Cana 4, 5 and 7 year old bottles purchased from a gas station while road tripping in Central America. Great memories, but the fact is that these are not neat sipping rums. They will however make a very good rum-and-coke, and especially if enjoyed in its natural habitat.

Un ron que no está nada mal, sobre todo por la relación calidad/precio. Para tomar en cocteles.

Cheap enough to add some depth of flavor to a tiki cocktail, and cheap enough to not feel bad mixing it.. still good enough to sip neat or on the rocks.

Not bad, good with Coke or others mixing. A nice looking rum.

Smooth, even flavor. Caribbean style, which is not my personal favorite, but this was enjoyable. Great value.

As a beginner to rums, trying it neat or on the rocks was too harsh. It mixed well with coke and would probably be good with other cocktails (like mai tais).