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I don't know if I got caught on a bad day or I poured heavy measures but It was going down pretty well but I don't normally get a bad head drinking rum but this stuff certainly gave me a sore head the next day lol. Will try it again tho

The marmite of the rum world. Guy who recommended it at our local spirit and wine shop compared it to spicy Hot Cross Bunswhile his brother stated that he hates it. The smell is overwhelming as if the rum is going to be very harsh. Surprisingly, there is no burn at all but leaves a very warm tingly belly. It has a bug taste of cloves and the spicy hot cross buns reference was actually accurate.

I think you just need to try this rum and not rely on reviews as much as on other rums as it is very divisive. However, I am interested to see what more this new distillery produces over the coming years

Laat alsjeblieft schotland hou het alleen bij wiskey maken.
Dit is oprecht niet te drinken heb het speciaal mee uit schotland genomen maar helaas.
Zelfs als het gemixt is blijf die nare chemische smaak er in zitten


As other reviews have suggested, this is a love/hate rum. The original presentation of the bottle and label is excellent - it has all the promise of a good rum....however on opening, the smell is overwhelming - it's like being hit in the nose with a sledgehammer made of cloves. This smell then overpowers the taste and there is nothing else other than the harsh clove taste - slightly more tolerable as a mixer (coke) and possibly a little better with apple juice (which I have yet to try). That being said, i'm glad I satisfied my curiosity,

Friend got me Dark Matter. I'm not keen on it but still waiting to see if it grows on me, doubt it will.

It's the same mouth feel you get after drinking ginger beer, which I don't like. It's very heavy on the cloves and I don't get much else from it, so I find it quite one dimensional, whereas Rumbullion had a kaleidoscope effect.


This is very "peppery" to the nose, almost to the point it forced me to sneeze. Its quit spicy going down pass the throat, and into the chest.

I only picked up a taste, from another website. This is not one I would seek out to add to my bar.

Having read several of the reviews on here that pan this rum, I was not expecting to like it, imagining it to be a weaker brother to Chairman's Reserve Spiced with all the subtlety of a flying brick. In fact the flavours of the two only have one thing in common - they will both remind you of Christmas. I was therefore pleasantly suprised to find that the overwhelming flavours I got from this were not clove and clove! Yes, there is clove in this as in most spiced rums, but actually what this mainly tastes of is aniseed and cinnamon. After that, I'd say cardamon and a sort of toasted raisin. Next would indeed come clove.
I can see why some people say it's a bit like a hot-cross bun - that's the cinnamon, mainly and maybe the fruity-raisin.
It's subtler than the Chairman's. That one screams Christmas at you, whilst this one sings it. It's also smoother and the rum base is a tad smoother here too. They are both nice rums if you like spiced rums to be strongly spiced rather than weakly (like the new Sailor Jerrys), but this is has a more original taste.
It has originality and smoothness and I like those qualities. It would make a good sipper for winter months, but I would drink it occasionally rather than as as a regular.

An overpowering aroma of cloves upon opening the bottle , you think this is too much but when sipped seems to redeem itself with a nice mouth feel and no sickly burn. Goes well with both a decent fever tree cola or ginger beer. But for me if this is a Christmas spiced rum then Rumbullion spiced beats this hands down..

I tried this at the recent Manchester rum festival and have since been and bought a bottle. It has some combination of herbs and spices that reminds me of Kinnie, which is a bitter orange Maltese drink - a bit like a soft drink version of Pimms, if you can imagine such a thing. I have made a mental note to try this with some Kinnie when I can get my hands on some. So far I have tried it with cola, and neat. The effect it has is like no other drink I have ever had, I'm sure it has some sort of magic 'relaxing' herb in there! Anyway, it's our new favourite bedtime tipple. I think it's amazing.

Cloves and more cloves is pretty much all I got from this. I really wanted to like it as it's made not far from wher ei grew up but I really couldn't get into ti, the clove was just overpowering

Not for me. Enjoy the story. Not the spiced. Woof.

What did i just taste.. Tastes like a blend of fireball and swedish punch.. I would like to say that i hate it.. But this socker grows on me.. Awesomeness in a bottle.

Crazy spicy! Nice, but maybe too spicy for its own good. Like when you get those ginger beers which have too much real ginger, and it blows your socks off. Like that, but with spicy rum. I do like my spiced rum, but this was a bit much for me. Had to pile in a few ice cubes to take the edge off, and eventually found a good drinking balance.

Had a vanilla hint, was a good rum with ginger. Not amazing but still good

A beautiful rum for sipping or more
One of my favourites so far and got a bottle at a good price and its made in Scotland what more can I say .buy it and try it

At first I wasn't too sure what to make of Dark matter. At first I felt it had too much going on but after a while I have really grown fond of it.

For something brewed in the uk where molasses does not grow this is stunning,with an aniseed effect. this is unique as most spiced rums are sweet, i would class this or rebellion as the best spiced rum tasted currently as both have different flavours...

I just love this rum. It has a very strong flavour base and is not for the faint hearted.

Took a while to get my hands on a bottle of Dark Matter and, unfortunately, the reward was sadly lacking. The shop told me that it was a little taste of Christmas and I understand what he means. It tastes incredibly harsh with undertones of cloves and spices. A real sipper. Maybe save for a couple of glasses at Christmas.

Strong hints of cinnamon, cloves and spices. Very reminiscent of Christmas spices and mulled wines and spirits. I bought mine with Christmas in mind. Not best on its own , but with as the basis of the cocktail "Old Fashioned" with burnt orange it is very drinkable and more-ish, but not the next day!

A very unique tasting rum. First you get a strong cloves smell/taste, but then when you swallow you get a big after taste of spicy pepper, there is no alcohol burn but you do get a warm tingle on the tongue from the spices afterwards.