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Providencia 1878 Fine Golden Rum is named after a Spanish cargo ship that mysteriously crashed off the coast of Florida in 1878 and is it a blend of various 3-5 year old rum from Trinidad and Guyana, aged in small bourbon whiskey barrels. The appearance of the bottle is quite decent, but it is also appealing. The aroma is markantly alcoholic and the first sip does not leave too much impression. In the end, it is a delicate honey. By tasting you do not make a mistake, but probably, like me, you will not find any reason why you ever come back to Providencia 1878.

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It's worth the time to try it. Sits well on its own as a sipping rum but also mixes well if you need to cut it with something. Rather light in flavor but still has vanilla flavorings. Not real spicy. Enjoyed the experience.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Trinidad a Guyana
Aroma: Roztěkané aroma, s alkoholem, rumová tresť, vanilka, mírně propolis, tabák. (72 b)
Chuť: Velmi suchý styl rumu, opět těkavý alkohol, vanilka. Nahořklý dozvuk. (70 b)
Body: 71
Shrnutí: První z rumů ochutnaných na další Hořické degustaci. Tohle se mi do chuti moc netrefilo.