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This is a straight up knock off of Rhum Chata it even has the gold cap to boot. Here is the deal with this, you're gonna mix this. You don't sit in your chair and sip this stuff on the rocks. This goes in with Baileys and chocolate Ice cream and a bunch of other Diabetes inducing ingredients which at that point you cannot even taste this 13.75% ABV "rum". However I first tried Rhum Chata (I know this is "chila") with Diet coke like I always do with my rums and it's just so good. It's like an apple fritter in a drink. I enjoy drinking these when I go out because here there are 2 choices of rum in a bar, Bacardi and Morgan that's it and I prefer to drink very lightly because I usually have to drive. Cream rum with it's low ABV fits the bill very nicely. But this one just doesn't have the same thickness/boldness that Rhum Chata has . It has all the same flavors and essential ingredients but it doesn't do it. A perfect description of this would be as such. Go to a low end Grocery store and purchase a Granny Smith Apple, now go to a high end grocery store such as whole foods and purchase one of their Granny Smith Apples. Both apples are literally the same thing. But you're gonna get a much riper more distinct apple taste from the high end store than the low end. This is the case with Chila, it gives you "cream rum" taste but it's just not that distinguished. But in all honesty if you plan to mix this to no end this is a much better bet than Rhum Chata for the price.

Definitely better than rumchata! This is not so creamy, ( I mean a little thinner)which will curdle more when mixing and you can actually taste the rum! Everyone is so hung up on the name “rumchata” that they don’t try similar ones! If you like rumchata but want something not as thick and with more of bite definitely try orchata!

If you like Baileys and you are a rum drinker, Chila Orchata will surprise you in the flavor profile.

I found this in a store in St. Thomas. They were offering samples, so my wife and I both tried it. I liked it but she loved it!

Overall, it has a good taste. There is a slight amount of burn, (just enough to be pleasant), but the predominant flavor is cinnamon with some of the sweet spice of the rum peeking through. The cream smooths things out and there is no harsh or bitter after tastes.

Personally, I usually drink this straight or occasionally with a cube or two of ice as a dessert drink or as a nightcap.

I think this is a good cream rum in this genre of rums. It has a low alcohol rating as do other cream rums, but good in a shot. I prefer this over Rum Chata as the price is better. Very comparable taste. Can't drink a lot as this is sweet and creamy. It is a good dessert shot. Tasty.

Take it for what it a rum it's not a high rating because there's very little rum flavor but as a rum liqueur, especially a dessert liqueur, it's pretty doggoned good. Under 30 proof so it's mild. A little too sweet to be sipped but the creaminess and the cinnamon make it a natural for drinks using ice cream. I would like to use it in something calling for vanilla ice cream but use butter pecan ice cream instead. Something to experiment with during the summer months.

Ran across this while on a cruise. My wife gave it a try and fell in love with it. I tried a quick sip and damn near spit it out. It's definitely cinnamon creme. My wife compared it to an amaretto:milk concoction she likes. I wasn't impressed. My jaw still hurts from the amount of sweetness.