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27 Ron Cartavio 12-Year ratings

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Smokey ,sweet, and a little spicy yet smooth. This makes an exceptional rum and coke too.
sugar test-8g

Este ron es nuestro engreído, bueno, rico y barato. Probablemente el que más tomo.

Ikke en dårlig rom, men den mangler lidt mere smag, for at slå rigtig igennem!!!

This rum is only 1/2 the price of the Cartavio XO, and is quite good. Sweet, smooth, caramel flavors, soft burn, good finish!


Un ron que le hace el pare a cualquiera.
Sorprende su calidad y finura en todos los sentidos!
Muy Bien Cartavio!

Un ron con gran carácter. Tiene la base del XO. Al probarlo es del dulce ideal y no quema tanto al pasarlo. Se deja tomar solo y con hielo mejor aún.

I can definitely dig this one, not too sweet, not to strong. Def nice to sip.

Den er okay, men den er ikke nogen stor rom oplevelse. Lidt tør i smage, mangler lidt sødme. Den er god sammen med cola.

Es un buen ron para mezclar con Cocacola, debido a que es un ron fuerte, de muy buen sabor y un ligero toque de dulzura.

What a massive difference between the relatively smooth Ron Cartavio XO and the nasty 12 year old. I bought a bottle of this vile stuff at the Lima airport and had a hard time consuming the bottle with my colleague having a bottle of Coke to go with it. The 12 year old is not a neat sipper at all and even with Coke there is a nasty burn which you can taste through the Coke.

Very good packaging. A very smooth rum with a hint of alcohol that is masked a bit too much by the sweetness on the mid pallet, but with a dryness taking over on the finish. Good length. Easy to drink but lacks complexity. Too expensive as plenty of other rums out there that are more interesting and cheaper.

Sweet, smooth, caramel flavors, soft burn, good finish!

Nice manly rum. Lots if leather, some hints of DRY fruits, slight sweetness but u gotta look for it. I try all rum with coke even though i drink 80% of my rum neat. This mames an extremely excellent rum n coke. Give it a run.😁

Really smooth. From Peru. Oak, caramel, not too sweet.

esta cat fue divertida lo pude disfrutar en machu pichu fuerte al paladar con sus notas añejas chocolatadas y un toque caneloso

Es un ron que no sabe añejo y está muy perfumado a frutas, no lo volvería comprar!


Nose: toffee and cacao with a hint of butter.

Pallet: gentle sweetness with a long pleasent burn.

I must admit that I did have higher demand on Cartavio 12 year based on that a lot of other good Rum producers seems to do a really good Rum around 12 year storage even in Solera method. This 12 year Cartavio seems to have to much young Rum to give it the best round taste and aftertaste. In my opinion it could be even 6, sorry Cartavio 12 year, you need to improve.

The taste is dominated of the alcohol, lacks smoothness and charastics of a zipper rum

Can't help it. When ever I see a nice bottle of rom, i buy if I got the money :D

Mon premier rhum du Pérou, de méthode solera, fini sur une note plutôt douce

Full flavoured, woody/smokey but slightly sweet too, only a very slight afterburn, and an almost spicy aftertaste. Enjoyable but not as moreish as some other similar priced rums

If you like a sweeter rum then you will enjoy this. It's not very complex, you will be met by the taste of pecan. It's not a long finish but you will want to have another sip to search other flavours.

Es un ron peruano con carácter, cuerpo. Olor a vainilla y nuez. Su sabor es dulce y se aprecia tomándose derecho.