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The white rum is aged for 6+ months under the hot sun in Madagascar in ex-chivas regal barrels, the barrels are of Spanish, American, and French Oak, all are blended and said to add extra complexity to the resulting rum.

The nosing on this rum is very fruity mainly of intense citrus, lime, lemon, floral, with spice, very faint subdued alcohol. Very unique on this one.

The tasting is akin to the nosing here. I was taken back for more than a minute rather several hours. Intense citrus with forward lemon, mango, mandarins, pineapple, lime, banana in the mouth some slight spice is there like a fresh green pepper. The incredible citrus flavor remains in the finish with banana, which lasts quite long for a white rum. You can taste the flavor in your mouth for quite some time. The smoothness for a 6 month rum is incredible no bite no bitterness at all. This can be sipped straight without any wish to mix. However, the citrus flavor is nearly overpowering in this.

I read that the rum distiller washes the ex-chivas barrels prior to aging the rum with citrus laden water. The question here remains, is this terrior or additives from washing natural or otherwise? Should a rum with barrels washed with citrus laden water be considered and labeled as a flavored rum? Or is this the terrior as the company claims playing this massive effect on the rum?

Overall easy to drink but possibly cloying straight up due to citrus flavors but could be imbibed to no end if you enjoy the citrus flavors presented as much as I do.

Attention ce rhum n'est pas un simple rhum blanc mais un hybride moitié rhum arrangé. Je m'explique: Les futs dans lesquels le rhum est mis à vieillir sont rempli au préalable d'eau et de citrons vert pressés afin que le bois en absorbe les arômes. Les futs sont ensuite vidés et on y met le rhum à vieillir. D'ou le gout citronné mais pas trop prononcé. Une belle manière d'aromatiser son rhum de manière douce et naturelle.

This has an amazing story of where the sugar cane comes from and how it is surrounded by citrus fruit groves.
Very complex taste for a white rum. def. a summer time rum

This is a rum, very surprising. It reminds me of sambuca. It is like this rum has additives in it. Nice to be enjoyed with an espresso after dinner.

Bon Rhum à boire bien frais (pas de glaçons hein!)
Saveur du citron très présente.
Parfait pour l'été.

Very surprising taste: heavy on the lemon. I didn't recognize it as a rum but I still enjoyed it: a rather pleasant (but strong!) "ladies aperitif" (no offense!) If you're into this, it's a pleasure to sip.

It's a really good white rum from Madagascar to enjoy neat
Fruity and floral