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Medium chairmans reserve rum

Chairman's Reserve rum is produced in St Lucia using continuous and pot stills. The rum from these stills are aged for 3-4 years separetly, then combined and aged for 6 more months to marry the flavors.

The first blend of Chairman’s Reserve was produced in 1999 by St. Lucia Distillers, which was founded in 1932, and overseen by the company's Chairman Laurie Barnard.

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This rum looks and tastes great in a flask and that is where you will find me enjoying it. On cold days when racing a single man dinghy, this rum will help keep me warm and reside in my PFD. My friends will come by and ask to partake and when we all come in, the flask will be dry.

Bottle: The label is interesting looking and a good representation of its birth home but the bottle fails to impress after that. Very little detail about the distillery, no syn-cork that says it is a better product, the bottle bottom notes indicates that it is not a cheap bottle. Presentation could be better.
Color: A very nice golden brown, it looks the part of a great rum.
Bottle Aroma: A heavy ethanol odor hits the nose first but the rum does come through.
Glass Aroma: The ethanol smell has dissipated and a light oak, easy drinking rum smell fills the nose.
Taste: The rum starts out light which surprises after the bottle nose, a good start of flavor hits and the caramel begins, then the oils leave the tongue and the heat comes back. This is another rum that I'll pack into a flask for cold days when the backbone needs strengthening, but this is not the rum I will chose in front of the fire.

This rum is a bit uneven but I do not dislike this trait in rums. Rums should not be 20 year old bourbons or 30 year old cognacs, they should bite a little and when they fail to do so, I tend to get bored. Some may find this rum a little harsh, but like my personality, I find the harshness true to character and enjoy the company.

Not bad stuff. Bit rough to drink neat, nice with a mixer. Can't really give it a 7.

Nothing extraordinary. Decent rum for the price, but too boring.

View: Pours golden brown.

Nose: A ton of honey on the nose with some char.

Initial Tasting: One of the smoothest rums I've tasted. No bite whatsoever. Raisin and spice.

Body: Drinks like a bourbon. Spice and oak.

Fade: Smoother than a baby's behind.

Neat its a quite warm sip.better than when mixed with coke. I preferred it with a little breathing time. In other words I let it sit for a while. I'm not going to rush out and replace this bottle but not because i didn't like it. It's just very similar to other stuff and there's so many more to try.

I drank about 20 or so glasses neat in St. Lucia. This is the way to go. This needs time to breath in the glass. As this sits for a while it really opens up. Nice strong spice and totally smooth with a nice amount of pot still rum. Picked up a 1L bottle in St. Lucia for 16 US. It has a strong alcohol when poured that needs time to rest to open a spicy enjoyable nose.

Great nose that's slightly sweet and floral. First taste is overpowering with oily sour molasses. Long spicy finish that doesn't go down very well. Just not too many flavors cone through over a pretty substantial burn.

Quality mid range rum. Quite ok to sip straight, and with enough taste to be distinctive in mixed drinks. Pity there isn't a premium aged version available.

Ste Lucie réserve bien d'autres merveilles, mais ce rhum a le mérite d'exister et d'être correct d'un point de vue qualité/prix.

Vôňa spočiatku príliš po alkohole, korenie, v chuti alkohol, neskôr jemný. Dobrý rum, za dobrú cenu. Čí viac rumov som vypil, tým viac mi chutí.

Je poznat, že nějakou dobu zrál v sudech. Na chuti ovšem podtón něčeho "chemického". Spíše rum do kotejlu než na samotné piti

Nose: A rich, fruity nose. Good sweetness.

Palate: Medium to full with a supple delivery. Sweet spices, creamy.

Finish: Medium, fruity.

This is a well priced rum (at least where I’m from) that punches well above its weight class. Extremely smooth and very subtle though not overly complex. It’s oaky and a nice, smooth sipper.

Chairman's is probably the very best choise for you who prefer drinking your rum with coke!
A clean, dry rum with enough oak and cane caracter. Not overwealmingly sweet.

Yet still really good to be enjoyed in a glass by it self but I would drink this one with coke !

I’m currently sipping this with a couple of ice cubes. I get a taste of faintly sweet raisins and although, obviously there’s alcohol there its not harsh or ‘burny’

I have mixed it with coke, thumbs up, and ginger beer, wobbly thumb, but my preference has become just over ice, sometimes with a lime wedge.

I picked this up in a uk supermarket for £20 so should I be writing a review on a site full of expensive Rum’s? Of course I should. After years of drinking Woods, Lambs and Pussers I’m looking to change things up and this a a darn fine start.

Found this as a staff pick at my local liquor store and I did spent some time in St Lucia so I was intrigued to try it. What a disappointment! This rates among the worst runs I have ever tried. Very harsh with a turpentine finish. Nothing smooth about it. Not sure I would even mix it.

Chairman's Reserve is a cracking rum, representing excellent value for money. A blend of pot and column still married together after around 5 years builds a well rounded and reasonably full Flavour, Stewed fruit and raisins on the nose and nice tingle of ethanol, the palate delivers a short hit of sweetness, banana and pear, and finishes with a lingering spicy warmth and a hint of chocolate and oak.

I love a Chairman's Reserve at the end of the night mixed with Ginger Beer, especially a fiery brand like Grace from Jamaica. it also mixes really well, the obvious choice as base for a Mai Tai and other Tiki style drinks.

This did not meet expectations. Lacked any smoothness and the burn drowned out any flavor the rum might have had.

Il y a beaucoup mieux à boire, rhum à découvrir mais pas nécessairement en acheter 1 bouteille.

Not a sipper but a very decent rum for mixing.
As a sipper it would be a 6, but as a mixer a solid 8.
Fruity with a hint of tabaco so be carefull which mix you want to put it in because it will bring some flavor in the mix of it's own.

I normally like my rum chilled over ice. This is the only rum i actually prefer at room temp. Not special either way though.

Not great, but only $24 at Total Wines. A like bit of a strong after taste but pretty good. I will buy it again.

Good quality rum mixes well with coke or juice I prefer lilt. For the price its a steal better than the supermarket rums of similar price

I'd read a few good reviews and planned to treat myself to a bottle for home use. I then see this for sale within a pub in Bath and thought why not.
I would definitely buy again but in my opinion not the best and did not meet my expectations after reading the reviews