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Chairmans reserve rum

Chairman's Reserve rum is produced in St Lucia using continuous and pot stills. The rum from these stills are aged for 3-4 years separetly, then combined and aged for 6 more months to marry the flavors.

The first blend of Chairman’s Reserve was produced in 1999 by St. Lucia Distillers, which was founded in 1932, and overseen by the company's Chairman Laurie Barnard.

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This rum looks and tastes great in a flask and that is where you will find me enjoying it. On cold days when racing a single man dinghy, this rum will help keep me warm and reside in my PFD. My friends will come by and ask to partake and when we all come in, the flask will be dry.

Bottle: The label is interesting looking and a good representation of its birth home but the bottle fails to impress after that. Very little detail about the distillery, no syn-cork that says it is a better product, the bottle bottom notes indicates that it is not a cheap bottle. Presentation could be better.
Color: A very nice golden brown, it looks the part of a great rum.
Bottle Aroma: A heavy ethanol odor hits the nose first but the rum does come through.
Glass Aroma: The ethanol smell has dissipated and a light oak, easy drinking rum smell fills the nose.
Taste: The rum starts out light which surprises after the bottle nose, a good start of flavor hits and the caramel begins, then the oils leave the tongue and the heat comes back. This is another rum that I'll pack into a flask for cold days when the backbone needs strengthening, but this is not the rum I will chose in front of the fire.

This rum is a bit uneven but I do not dislike this trait in rums. Rums should not be 20 year old bourbons or 30 year old cognacs, they should bite a little and when they fail to do so, I tend to get bored. Some may find this rum a little harsh, but like my personality, I find the harshness true to character and enjoy the company.

Neat its a quite warm sip.better than when mixed with coke. I preferred it with a little breathing time. In other words I let it sit for a while. I'm not going to rush out and replace this bottle but not because i didn't like it. It's just very similar to other stuff and there's so many more to try.

This one I've been putting off for a while because it's one of the few rums that is pretty much on the shelf at about every local liquor store. Sometimes placed within the Capt. Morgan/Bacardi/Malibu/Cruzan shelves which isn't a good thing IMHO. Made me hesitate getting a bottle for quite some time.

But, it finally came time to try some...

It does have an appealing rich amber color and its aroma is very nice. A little caramel...a little ethanol. Not bad.

Sipping it reveals a bit of sweetness with flavors of vanilla and the oak in which it was aged. A little too much oak for sipping. Has just a tad too much bitterness for my tastes in sipping rums. The finish is somewhat dry so it appears this is a rum best suited for mixing especially in fruit-based drinks where the sweetness would balance out the bitterness from the oak.

Potentially this would be even better rum if allowed to age for 5-7 more years. That's the missed potential.

Not a terrible rum but one I would pass on if several certain other brands are available.

I drank about 20 or so glasses neat in St. Lucia. This is the way to go. This needs time to breath in the glass. As this sits for a while it really opens up. Nice strong spice and totally smooth with a nice amount of pot still rum. Picked up a 1L bottle in St. Lucia for 16 US. It has a strong alcohol when poured that needs time to rest to open a spicy enjoyable nose.

Quality mid range rum. Quite ok to sip straight, and with enough taste to be distinctive in mixed drinks. Pity there isn't a premium aged version available.

Ste Lucie réserve bien d'autres merveilles, mais ce rhum a le mérite d'exister et d'être correct d'un point de vue qualité/prix.

For the price you are not going to do much better than this. makes a good drink with coke and goes well down with the lads after a few beers

Nothing extraordinary. Decent rum for the price, but too boring.

Ostřejší, alkoholová vůně, lehce štiplavá chuť, jak chuti tak vůni něco chybí... Ne, že by se nedal pít, vzhledem k ceně je to slušné pití, ale raději si trochu připlatím za něco, z čeho budu mít opravdu radost...

Enjoyed this one great price and lovely smooth taste.

This is very pleasant especially with an ice cube or two. It has an ethanol, molasses and caramel nose and taste with a slight touch of oak and spice. It is slightly sweet and has only a moderate alcoholic kick and burn.
I would not describe it as overly complex. There are not lots of different flavours in it, but the ones that there are sit together very smoothly and enjoyably. At a cost of £20 it's very good value and although it's not as interesting and different as the spiced version, it is easier to drink regularly. Above all it has a really nice warming feeling and a slight brandy-like heat too it.

Tried this cheap Chairman's Reserve and the Forgotten Casks back-to-back and what a difference between these two. Forgotten Casks earned 5, this one struggles to earn a 2. This cheaper Chairman's Reserve smell like rubber and tastes like glue. Save your money and skip this one.

God rom til prisen. Ikke specielt sprittet i forhold til den billige pris. Lækker men kort eftersmag.

Sampled another agricole rhum and still not fussy about it. I’m not saying it has a bad taste, I just can’t get used to agricole rhums.

Udemærket men ikke helt tin min smag. Lidt mindre sød og lidt mere sprittet. Fornuftig til prisen

Az illata elsőre szúrós, karamell, kicsi fűszer de inkább az alkohol dominál. Ízre ugyanezt hozza, karcos alkohollal a végén. Levegőztetésre sokat lágyul, de kellemesen sima sosem lesz, az utóíze mindig alkoholos marad. Iható tisztán is de nem különösebben élvezetes.

title speaks for itself. Not exactly for sipping, but great for cocktails

Clear golden amber colour; caramel and spice aromas with a touch of citrus. Strong alcohol when sipped with a round flavour that matches the nose; smooth soft finish

Tasty enough but it was left in the cupboard until the Pussers was finished.

This rum is good enough to enjoy on its own, but I would recommend it as a rum that turns a rum and mixture one step up. Great for sharing with friends.

En rigtig fin rom til prisen (under 200 kr..). Nu mere jeg drikker des bedre smager den.

Ikke helt i toppen, men absolut høj værdi for pengene

Fair price for a decent rum to use in cocktails. The burn is a little too much to be sipped neat, plus the complexity of the rum falls short due to the short amount of time it has been aged. Looking forward to trying Chairman's Forgotten Cask, hoping for better results.

Gets better when it sits for a while. Still, not fantastic.

It's alright, maybe a hint of vanilla. Not sure I'd buy another bottle but it would do in a pinch.