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2 Margaritaville Silver ratings

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I'm not going to waste my time with this. They've taken something akin to rum and added a ton of sugar to it. This isn't silver/white rum but a sugary mess. A massive mistake. Sad. I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan and frankly I think he should be ashamed for allowing this to carry his brand. Pass on this. It's going to be poured down the drain after this.

Sugar: 0 gpl. I wandered into the Las Vegas Margaritaville location and thought I would try this rum. It wasn't showing on the bar and when I asked if they had any they said yes they keep it in the "well". Should have known this rum would be a mistake. It's in the same category as Captain Morgan,or Lamb's and is a basic bar rum. There are better mixing rums out there, but if you are "wasting away again" and this is all you have then go for it.

Margaritaville silver rum 400px