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7 Hamilton Guyana 151 ratings

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There aren't many 151 proof rums that are actually delicious, but this one is. You could try it in this order: first, sip some straight up. Yes, it's really fiery, but the unmistakable Demerara smokiness and burnt butter flavors shine. Next, drop in an ice cube and wait a minute. Better, right? Hints of tobacco, oak and butterscotch. And finally, add it to your Tiki cocktails whenever the recipes call for overproof rum. Indispensable.


Can't get Lemonhart, but I can get this and its great.

I had this side by side with the Lemon Hart 151, both straight, and both with a little water mixed in. Both are from Guyana. I liked the Lemon Hart more.

This was dryer that the Lemon Hart. Tastes and smells of molasses, tobacco, and oak. I prefer sweeter rum than this.

Dark, smokey with hints of vanilla and molasses, great for floating or mixing when a dark rum is called for in tiki recipes. Also added points for being a great value buy!

Strong, but not unpleasant at all with just a bit of lime juice & sugar syrup.

Smoky, oily, nutty, somewhat floral. Really well done overproof.

Overproof rum with rich flavors of stone fruit and wood.