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10 Carta Vieja Golden Cask 18-Year ratings

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This Will look awesome on your rum shelf. Unfortunately the content is nothing out of the ordinary. A dry rum with AOK AS the dominating flavour - a flavour which doesn't evolve much or last very long.

Had to hide my disappointment from the rep. I just love Panamanian rums. This though seemed to be a rushed product. Aroma was fine. Come was a bit lighter than expected. Flavor was murder to its review. It just seemed like a it's trying too hard. Not that it burned, it just fell totally flat on the palate. Tickled my nose a little too, but that might be from it being closed too long and I got hit by that lingering alcohol vapor.

I had expectations being that it's an 18 year blend but alas, this fell hard off the cliff.. it feels like it's trying to be something else but failing at that. In the 18 range I'm expecting different flavors or lack there of with body or something to get me excited. Nope this shit taste like smoked leather boots, like old boots at that. It's to much like a rye bourbon mixed with hopes and dreams of being apart of a comic book or a school star jockey.

Una selección fantástica un balance único entre solera y experiencia en boca fuerte en nariz explosión de frutos rojos secos el decanter maravilloso Buen precio

Buen ron, aunque no colmo expectativas considerando precio y presentación. Buen color caramel intenso. Aroma y sabor algo fuerte. Para beber con algún hielo.

My expectations were much higher than this rum could provide.

Carta Vieja Rum Golden Cask is the "True" taste of Panama. The rum is smooth and refreshing. It is like an ocean breeze on a clear summer evening.

Love Carta Vieja rum I was expecting a lot more from this one. A little to dry for me still a good rum but to me it needs more body. Very oaky to me nice bottle but not worth the price.

I was expecting more from this rum for the price. It still is quite good rum. I do not understand some of the low ratings but to each his own I guess. Sure, if you were expecting a typical sweeter Panamanian rum you're going to be disappointed but let's look at it for what it is, not what we wish it to be.

It is a drier rum than typical Panamanian rum but not too dry. Although the oakiness is quite predominate giving it somewhat of a bite, there still is some sweetness with hints of vanilla and caramel. For those who like bourbon, this might be a good rum for them since this rum does have similarities to bourbon. Personally I rather use it in Coke Zero. I do believe this would be an excellent rum in various mixed drinks especially fruit-based and coffee-based drinks.

Unlike sweet and smooth brethren from Panama this rum is woodier and has more of a bite.