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Flying dutchman premium dark rum

The Flying Dutchman Premium Dark rum is produced in The Netherlands by the Zuidam family. Fermentation takes up to two weeks (substantially longer than most rums) before being distilled in copper pot stills. The Premium Dark variety is aged for up to 3 years in small wooden barrels.

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22 Flying Dutchman Premium Dark ratings

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This rum was a pretty big disappointment. The expectations were high, because the bottle looked very nice. However, the taste was really harsh for me, as well as for my friends (non experienced rum tasters). The hope is in the aroma, which was the only nice thing.


I like This rum and like the sweet taste. And Great on the Ricks.

First thing that comes to mind is whiskey. Both taste and nose. Pretty smooth though. No extraordinary taste. I like it for every day use. Price is ok. Looking forward to see more international reviews here.

This was a total turn down. Not sweet at all, according to my taste. It's more like whisky, but not a good one. It's harsh and has a non-describable taste. Tried it neat, on the rocks and mixed with a coke. All was bad. With ginger ale it was slightly better though. At least good enough to finish the bottle :)

Had a bit of hope i could sip this, but that was whishfull thinking. Not a lot of taste except the ethanol afterburn.
Not my cup of tea. This will be bottle that will last a very long time. Sorry can,t make it better than this.


It's not as smooth sipping rum what I was hoping for. It has the sweetness caramel vanilla tone, though quite a harsh finish. It's in the category of just above average quality dark rum - no wow factor.

Bottle label print and naming as stated here will change due to legal issues with Berry Bros & Rudd, owner of No 3 London Dry Gin.So future labels of Zuidam will be not No 3 but Number 3.


Makkelijk te drinken rum. Puur of on the rocks. Ik zelf vind hem on the rocks het beste smaken. Redelijk zoete rum met, al vind ik het zelf, een whisky achtige smaak.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Nizozemsko
Aroma: Kandovaný ananas, ostřejší koření, vlašské, lískové a para ořechy, lehká kouřovost, hřebíček. Stylově jde o rum s lehčí a tenčí vůní. (83 b)
Chuť: Příjemně nasládlý, kořenitý, s vanilkou, medem a sladkou ovocností. V dochuti kokos a ananas. (85 b)
Body: 84/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnal jsem v Pivnici U Čolka v Brně-Žabovřeskách, kde mají velmi pěknou rumovou nabídku, odhadem asi 150-170 druhů.

I was hoping to have a premium tasting dutch rum, but it simply is not.
I'm not saying that it's bad but it's just not what I expected.
There are some nice fruity notes and oak but it's just not well balanced and the alcohol taste is a bit to much.
With a cube of ice it does get a bit better but it's not one of those rum's that makes me want to rum to the store to get another one.

Heerlijk rummetje om on the rocks te drinken. Zachte smaak

Easy to drink rum, likeable by most (I presume). Not too complicated and currently my go-to rum to drink when I cannot decide what else to drink (although this might do it a little short).

Not quite my type of rum, too much alcohol taste and too sweet. Fun fact, my drinking buddy, who is into whiskey, prefers this rum over the others in my cabinet so I'm saving it for him!

Really nice to see a dutch brand producing such a nice tasting rum.

By surprise I bought it and it is a nice rum.
The bottle looks very nice, the color a bit light. the smell is deep. when you drink it the first thing I noticed is the deep flavours and aftertaste is soft.

Its a very nice rum

Nice rum, a little to sweet for my tast. Finish is to short but a full body. Nose is nice

Nope, it doesn't work for me. I think Zuidam pulled it off with their white rum but this one couldn't impress me. I've had it for ages and it's still not empty, dozens of other rums have come and gone in the meantime. It is harsh, the burn is a little too great, even for me, and the flavours are all over the place making it hard to distinguish what you are tasting. The prominent alchohol taste complicates it further.

Body:burning,solid rum taste
Bottle:upper average

Maybe the rocks could soften the burning in body of this one. But for 3yo rum, the taste is surprising, and very nice!

I expected more of the zuidam distillers. Strong alcohol taste for a rum.

Gedistilleerd in Nederland!
Minstens 3 jaar gerijpt op oloroso en Px vaten. Karamel, vanille, kokos en sherry smaken. Zowel puur als met cola goed te doen.

the longer ferment and pot still distilation make this a tastefull rum but still with a hint of harshness on the back end. But for being a rum from my home country i had to try it and i have to say it the zuiddam family didnt disapoint!

sterk van smaak maar wel in balans vindt het wel erg naar ethanol smaken

This good rum can be drunk on the rocks, however quite a bit of alcohol taste. but tasty! I love this more with cola! Can be mixed with a stronger concentration of rum and still be very drinkable.