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13 Phraya Gold ratings

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This rum is sweet smelling - good
1st impression a little dry not so sweet , finish is dry.
Taste little banana, little raisins, expected a little more. pretty bottle could use a little more aging.

This aged rum that has been matured for 7-12 years has a rich character. You really get that sweet spicy, aromatic flavors. I detect tropical fruits, coconuts and pineapple with hints of vanilla. Very impressed indeed

Bought two bottles for my collection and the bottle looks awesome. I could only find this bottle in the airport leaving Bangkok. I only wish it tasted as good as it looks. Not worth the money in my opinion. Nothing special in the taste....a little harsh taste but no real burn. Not impressed and I wished I would have been

Light color for a 7 + year old rum. Not overly complex. Nothing offensive. Pepper comes in early. The finish turns bitter and is the low point. Update: On the second try i no long got a bitter finish but syrupy hazelnut. I can't help but wonder if my palate changed or if letting the spirit breathe transformed it.

Aged for 7-12 years in charred oak barrels, this decadent rum from Thailand really hits the nail on the head with an exquisite journey in rum fulfillment. Enjoyable in every sense of the word this rum is truly meant to be sipped neat. Phraya use the term "deep matured" which refers to their rum being aged in warehouse over a cool lagoons which is suppose to slow down the aging process. Quite the opposite of many other rum companies that boast storing their rum to age under mainly hot temperatures.

Should you find yourself overstocked with real cane Coke or Pepsi (which I prefer), and an ample supply of limes, and friends who are tolerable only when you got your buzz on, here is he place ot enjoy this inferior spirit. There are many areas where Thailand is numero uno: Muay Thai, Food, Independence, loyalty, big darn cat fish, scenery, and of course, lovely, lovely women. I always a large frozen pilsner glass, start with 2 cut up and muddled limes, a squirt of coconut milk or better creme 3 shots of Pharya Gold,add clear, cracked ice chipped off a block of ice using an Aranyik knife. Fill the glass with cola, light up a Thai stick blunt, enjoy. Do not exceed two of these (drinks). No driving, best not to talk too much and do not be the stoned jack ass to volunteer to be a muay thai punching bag. Chill, enjoy the three hours or so of buzz.

Quite strong, not sweet as others say. Probably not same every vintage.

This rum smelled really sweet and aromatic but upon drinking it was almost dry. Also it was pretty harsh but not really uncomfortably so. Still, I expected more.

Disappointingly harsh. Was billed as a sipper, but this had to be mixed to be consumed.

Rum from Thailand. That's your first indicator that this is gonna be something different! Bright yet earthy aromas, featuring notes of moss, caramel, kola nut, and a light smokiness. Smooth going across the mouth. Enters with flavors of light cinnamon, then a damp cedar and caramel. Finish is VERY long! It carries flavors of brown sugar, balsa, and dirt (in the best way, I promise!), which swells into a delightful coconut creme brulee! Eventually, this settles into something like beef jerky, plums and just a hint of white chocolate truffle. I know that sounds weird. It IS weird! Phraya is eccentric, complex, and just amazing! If you are adventurous and ever cross paths with this curious beast, do yourself a favor and pick up of of these magnificent gilded bottles!

My choice is Pyrat rum, and of course the cask. But this rum is very smooth & has a nice finish. for the price i will keep both in the cabinet. definately worth a try

La bouteille attire tout de suite l’œil et semble plus être un objet marketing qu'un vrai rhum. Et bien non, le rhum Phraya est très subtile et agréable. Il allie les qualités d'un rhum agricole à la douceur d'un rhum de mélasse.
Agréable en bouche, ni trop fort, ni pas assez avec une bonne longueur en bouche et des notes sucrés mais aussi un peu boisé, ce rhum vaut largement le détour.
C'est bien dommage qu'il soit si dur à trouver...

A rum with lots of sweetness and a good smell og coconuts amd honey.
The depth of the flavour and the after taste could be a lot better.