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Aroma reminds me of dunder pit rums, lots of fruit and a whiff of decay. Taste- lots of wood and cinnamon; new oak? Somewhere in the realm of whisky, rhum, and rum, Stonewall resides. Very dry, color looks like a natural straw, and I'd guess there is nothing added. Always nice to find something a little different that's enjoyable. High 6 low 7.

The nearly opaque black bottle is sealed with black wax with a strip to pull to release the cork from the wax. The cork is synthetic.

The color of the rum is a medium amber. The nosing here is difficult to describe. I'm not sure I have ever had a nose on a rum like this one. Its absent of burn or strong wafting of alcohol. The longer it sits in the glass you get some raisins, cooked apples, very ripe pears. The nosing is quite complex and it takes me a while to finger dominant note until it dawned on me as a very dry Malbec with some sweet marsala undertones.

The rum is incredibly intense and full flavored due to total pot distillation. It is incredibly dry and yet quite smooth in exit and entry. There is initial spice that is wavering. The finish on this lasts for quite some time where its wood flavor really comes through as well as earthy notes.

I think they got possibly what they were going for here a more Colonial era. I say possible because I have never tasted a rum from that time.