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Dictador amber 100 rum

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6 Dictador Amber 100 ratings

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I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

I really enjoy this rum when you are looking for something nice but don't want to dip into your special bottles.
Neat or on the rocks.

Průměrný rum. Neurazí, ale ani nenadchne. Chuť je výrazná a ostřejší.

when you look at Dictador's lineup, you have to ask yourself where does this one fit in... it's definitely not aimed at true rum drinkers... does that mean it's aiming squarely at Bacardi drinkers?

if the latter, it makes sense.

if the former, you are ruining the brand image for brand's other products.

But that isn't an incredibly high accolade.

Some coffee and toffee up front in a very sticky way.

Then transitions to harshness but with a nice caramel backing.

But it didn´t rock my boat either..

Some hint of coffe and some taste of alcohol.. Will we a drink rum for me..