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Ron relicario dominicano superior rum

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The bottles design could fool you, its looks better then i taste. This must be the younger barrels from Oliver & Oliver, this Rum is in my opinion in between sipper or for drinks. It is to much oak and without body. Sorry I expected more!! for the money 12 year Esclaco from Oliver & Oliver is a better choise.


This rum is the only one of its kind in my rum cabinet. The first aroma notes that hit me are mild smile, oak and a bit of vanilla and prunes. The first taste also shows an almost whiskey like smoke and oak palette as if it has been stored/matured in old whiskey barrels. By the second taste I taste some sweeter notes of prune or rasin and a very faint vanilla. The aftermath is a slightly warming alcohol sensation which reminds me a bit of a good Grappa burn (more ballanced with the Relicario of cause). Well I am a sucker for the sweeter rums out there, but this actually is a very exciting rum for me, and might get me to search for other rums with the same notes.

nice rum similar to abuelo 12 in taste and afterburn.

i dont like to rate the design of the bottles, but this one is really pretty.

Balení 10.
Za ty peníze (v tuto chvíli cca 600-700) těžko najdete něco lépe vyhlížejícího - úsporná elegantní krabička z přírodního kartonu, luxusní tlustostěnná láhev s dřevěným uzávěrem a trochu kýčovitou pirátskou průsvitkou natištěnou na zadní stěně, přiložená laminovaná barevná skládačka. Prostě impozantnější rumový dárek v této cenové kategorii asi fakt nepořídíte.
Vůně 10.
Chuť 10...
Chuť 6
Sakra, co tam vlastně chybí? No asi vážně to "tělo", které tu kdosi zmiňuje...
Ale zas když se trochu vpiji...
OK, chuť 10 - právě jsem dorazil láhev a už teď se mi po ní stýská.
Dozvuk 10.

Hned jsem objednal novou! Ta úžasná vůně by mi chyběla, i kdybych to měl do smrti jen očuchávat!
Zvyšuji hodnocení o bod s vědomím, že je to vůči jiným rumům trochu nespravedlivé - ale co je mi po tom!

I am positively surprised by this Domenican rum. Bought it in an impulsive mood, and because of the bottle. After opening the heavy, thick glassed bottle, there's a sweet smell of fruit, maybe prunes/raisins. I also find it a little smokey and spicy. To finish , the burn is really pleasant, just the way I like it.
Considering it's price range don't expect a truly well balanced and smooth rum but it scores a well deserved 7. Would definately buy again.

This has lovely flavours and delicate tastes but what it lack entirely is the taste of rum .. it has nuts, chocolate and other flavours but lacks rum... I would not buy again after the sample, much prefer brugal from the same region ..
This tastes of suger and nothing more

Nice bottle little taste of vanilla and finish, but nice Ron to drink.


Bottle:upper average,angular same as "lower model" of Relicario


Ron RELICARIO est un rhum de République Dominicaine, distillé et vieilli dix années en fût de chêne Americain selon la méthode SOLERA à San Pedro de Macoris. Il a été élaboré par le célèbre Maitre Rhumier cubain Juan Alberto Alvarez à qui l’on doit aussi les recettes des rhums VARADERO et PALMA DE MULATA de Cuba.

Tasted at home. Clear pale mahogany color. Some caramel and wood in the nose. I sense some honey and light vanilla in the flavor along with oak. Quite boozy for its abv.

But thats about it. Nothing special going on for me in this one.

Nadherne zpracovani darkoveho baleni a lahve. Uvnitr baleni letacek s povidanim o vyrobe rumu. Chut velice prijemna, ostrejsi, s lehkym nadechem kokosu. Trochu mi pripomina Plantation XO. Nechapu tak nizke hodnoceni, proto davam 10, protoze takto nizke hodnoceni Si rozhodne nezaslouzi !

Just another product with no surprises. Plain, and easy, but looks nice.

Un bon Rum assez boisé, et assez completementaires des autres, mais son flacon est + jolie que sa saveur.

un très bon rapport qualité prix pour ce rhum qui passe très bien au cours d'une soirée...
ce ne sera pas le compagnon idéal pour l'expert, mais il contentera très bien celui qui recherche un peu de rondeur et de gourmandise!

Ikke lige min kop the.
Smagte den hos en kammerat. Den bliver ikke en fast beboer i mit skab.

It might look good on the shelf, but what you get is a synthetic tasting rum. I've often seen it on offer. There is a reason for that. It might be for you, if you have a peculiar taste, but you should definitely try it before buying.

Vanilla, oak, ginger and light smoke nose. Mild, ballanced with a pepper kick aftertaste, anyway well ballanced. Great straight or on the rocks.

Definitely worth tasting, this rum provides some kind of dry fruits taste in its first aroma, which makes it one-of-a-kind.

Not too smooth, it has been a very good advise by my rum vendor when he told me this one was not very spread and quite difficult to find... at least in France !

Dal colore ambrato scuro, ha un aroma tipico dei rum invecchiati in botti di rovere, leggermente dolce con sentori di prugne ed uva appassita. Sapore maturo, con toni di vaniglia e mandorle dolci secche. Rum per intenditori.

heerlijk vol en rokerig van smaak tinten van eiken op de achtergrond

Ron Relicario er en ok rom med vanille duft og med medium sødme.