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Some interesting aged flavors, a hint of sugar and some oak. Mellow, easy to drink on the rocks.

I missed out on a chance to picked up a bottle or two of John Watling's rum while in the Bahamas over the summer. While looking for a bottle of the Watling's, which I seem to be hearing it is not available in the US, I came across a bottle of the Afrohead. This is my first real bottle of rum and attempts at being a civilized drinker. I came from the vodka world of shot after shot. I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle and must say I rank it above the Pyrat XO I replaced the empty with.

We bought this at the Sandestin food and wine festival earlier in the year( yes I was surprised I owned it the next day) - a long story in itself.
It mixes well, the girls liked it a lot, no problems.

First off I am shocked to have found this locally. I am more shocked to find it in a local Winn Dixie liquor store where anything exotic just cannot be found.

I have to admit up front that I am really fond of the logo. Reminds me of the art found in the late 60's/early 70's especially in the animations for the old Electric Company shows on PBS. Makes me a bit nostalgic.

However, I digress...

I am glad I did find it. I reviewed their 15-year rum after getting a bottle at a Total Wine and More store in Jacksonville, Florida. This rum is aged about half as long at the 15-year.

It has a nice amber hue shifting to a golden color in the shallower portions of the snifter. It has a wonderful aroma in the snifter with noticeable vanilla extract tones. Nice.

The flavor is quite good. Definitely sweet and perhaps sugared a bit but really not cloyingly so. The vanilla flavor is noticeable and blends well with the oak tannins. A bit of butteriness and pepper flavors appear. Not much of a burn. Relatively smooth. Makes for a nice sipping rum as well as a mixing rum. Definitely a versatile rum that is delicious. I hope this rum becomes successful. It is excellent.

I first tasted this rum when my local purveyor had a bottle on the sample table. They also had a representative from the distributer on hand who shared the story of the rums origin. This is a good tasting rum just a bit citrusy for my liking but otherwise smooth on the rocks or mixed with Coke or Ginger Beer. The price is a bit high, but I must say being that it is in limited distribution in the USA and the bottle and graphics are over the top it gives my home bar a unique offering to share with friends and family who may not get to the Bahamas any time soon.

Tried this after the XO just to give it love too. Honestly, I won't switch from my favorite 7 yr Ron Abuelo 7 to this. Felt a bit rough around the edges. Clean on the palate though. Color was beautiful. Probably great as a mixer.

A step below the Afrohead XO, this rum was a pleasant surprise. Additionally the bottle is beautiful. Great on the rocks or with cola.

Afrohead original rum