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4 Holey Dollar Silver Coin ratings

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Idéal pour découvrir les rhums des fiji avec un petit budget !
Les amateurs de Jamaïcain seront ravis !

What a big disappointment the Holey Dollar Silver Coin rum was to me. I really enjoyed over a dozen Bundaberg rums last year and my expectations for the Holey Dollar were high. Very cheap bottle, light amber color, very strong rubber and glue smell to the nose and a drain cleaner to the palate. Just awful!

Was on holliday near another german bordershop, so here we go, lots of new rom for the collection :D

Well it dosent look like much but the smell and taste is just great. There is no double that its a pot still rum and you Are rewardet with the great smell. The taste is not so full bodied but at that price you get alot