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Mezan calls itself "The Untouched Rum" which means no added sugar, no added colouring (like caramel) and only a light filtering. The Jamaican XO is the only rum that's currently permanently in their portfolio (others are single years vintages). It's a blend of selected casks from different Jamaican distilleries aged between 4 and 23 years and reaged after blending until deemed ready for bottling. Mezan do not put an age statement on their rums and rightly so. It's about creating a consistent flavor profile year in year out, in order to achieve this the actual age fluctuates. I wish more rums would abandon age statements, seeing as they are often misleading and little more than a marketing thing. Taste is what matters, not numbers. And this is tasty! Smelly too. Lots of overripe banana, as can be expected from a Jamaican pot still rum. Some caramel scent too, giving the impression of bannofee pie. Taste is less sweet than expected based on the aroma. Very light body, very smooth, no burn. Quite a lot of oak, you can taste this has some age. Finish is quite dry and medium long. All in all I'd have preferred a slightly fuller body and some bolder flavours, but this is a very pleasant effort nonetheless by an sympathetic brand.

Ce rhum est tres bien maitrise il est tres precis en gout.apres des premieres notes de reglisse et de fume il retrouve de la douceur et une note legerement ducree en fin de bouche.tres bien fait.note 8.5.j ai hesite pour mettre un 9 que je garde pour mes tops 10.mzis certains y mettront des 10 car fameux.....

Lots of ripe banana and just a hint of grassyness. Smells like maybe overripe pineapple or banana skin. No added color, no Carmel, more rums need to be honest about the real color from aging and added color.

This is probably the best Jamaican rum for the price. Super fresh, funky and fruity. No additives and pure flavor. This has just rocketed to the top shelf for mixers.

Belle couleur claire qui surprend pour un XO. Parfum de banane mêlé de pointe vanillées.

Lovely rum, not quite a sipper i have to say, but I really haven't tasted a better rum in a rum and coke with ice and a lime. Also great quality for the price. Would recommend. Very interesting.

Overall good taste and flavors. It had a good profile to it and was full flavored.

On paper this rum seemed like it would be a good choice, but it just didn't work for me. It has a strong odor and a bold taste with a forceful dried banana note. Personally, I find it overpowering. Though, I wonder if I'd change my mind, were this rum in a drink combined with flavors that complement banana.

Very pale colour and not much going on in regards aroma - at first. Leave this in the glass for at least 20 mins because it just comes alive, gorgeous natural aromas, nothing woody or smokey which I prefer (selfish) and a nice amount of vanilla sweetness finished of by buttery banana. The palate is left with a slight tingle of spice and a lovely warm coating which lasts just long enough. A great rum and a bottle will be added to my collection very soon

..természetesen a jó értelemben, egy merőben "új" , öszetett illat csapja orrba az embert az üveg nyitása után :) sajnos nem dugóval van zárva ... illatra kb olyan mintha kinn a természetben szagolgatnánk egy tálba összepakolt banánt , fűszeres fakérget, pici karamellt és ráöntenénk pici mézet . Egy érdekes ám nem túl intenzív illatvilág. Pohárba öntve halványsárga , világos aranyos színű, nem túl testes italt kapunk..pár perc pihentetés után a pohárból nyoma vész a " zavaró " alkohol illatának . Lecsengése közepesen hosszú, száraz ,keserédes....unikum :))

Pure, natural Jamaican rum ....................... !

I expected it to be exactly the way it is - dry, cut grass, bananas, coconut, oily, just a hint of sweetness.
Pungent and peaty - almost reminded me of Irish Connemara whiskey.

intriguing item this rum - for whiskey lovers.

One of the most interesting rum. A pure rum. Very mineral. It's intersting and unusual.


Nice Jamaican rum, notes of vanilla and ripe bananas. Quite some esthers but not over-bearing. No added sugar or anything, but still surprisingly smooth. Looking forward to try more rums from Mezan! :)

funny rum, a little bit gives the tires, semi-dry, honest rum at a good price

Sehr hell in der Farbe und auch im Geschmack eher leer. Gibt bessere :-)

comme souvent les rhums de la jamaique, tres fort en bouche et en degustion

This is true stuff. No added sugar or coloring. Very smooth for a Jamaican with funky tropical fruits in the nose and slight sweetness of ripe bananas on the palate. Almost perfect introduction to Jamaica, but I guess this would be even more interesting at a slightly higher proof. But regarding it's price the Mezan XO is incredibly good.

Nose is delicate with hints of spice and banana.The palate is quite light and incredibly smooth. Very easy to drink but I would prefer a bit more weight. But even with the light/medium body, there is a pleasing complexity even if the finish is a bit too short. A good rum that could have been verging on great if it had a bit more weight and length.

I tried this alongside the Mezan Jamaica 2000. I prefer the 2000.

Both were dry, but the 2000 had a lot more flavor to it, while the XO was relatively plain in comparison. Smells and tastes of oak and spice with a touch of bourbon.

Not bad, but I recommend the Jamaica 2000.

Good taste, not very bitter and I like this types.

I think I may have come across another brand to really enjoy to go along with Plantation and Clement.

According to the label, this rum (and I assume based upon their website all Mezan rums) is "unblended, unsweetened, uncolored, and only lightly filtered".

In the bottle and in my snifter this rum is a light yellow hue reminding me of something I dare not mention here (TMI). It has a very nice aroma and good legs. This is small batch rum with only 5000 bottles produced. One they are gone, they are gone for good. My bottle is labeled as coming from batch number 008146.

According to online sources this rum is a blend from two distilleries in Jamaica: Monymusk and Hampden. Then the rum blend is re-aged (whatever that is) in used bourbon barrels.

The flavor is quite interesting. There is an initial sweetness to it that is subtle but the aging in bourbon barrels bring about a noticeable oakiness to it. I get some vanilla and banana (?) mixed in. There is a nice warmth to it...not really a burn. And the finish is somewhat dry with the oak tannins present.

No two ways about it...this is a sipping rum par excellence. It would be a crime to use this in mixed drinks. Maybe a little water on one cube of ice to bring out the subtleties but that's it. This is a very smooth rum.

Pretty clear gold color. Floral and fruity notes and the oak stay discreet. Lot of banana flavor. The taste is sweet with a short dry finish . First rum from this company. Nice discovery .

With his 'untouched' caracter, this Mezan has a nice light gold color. On the nose , as annouced the banana is well present. Smooth and a little too short in mouth.
It was quite a suprise and a like the idea of honest rum which do not try to change what it is by adding extra ingredient.