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1931 82nd anniversary rum

1931 82nd Anniversary rum is the first addition by St Lucia Distillers to celebrate the first distillery in St Lucia the Dennery Distillery, which was founded in 1931

The 82nd Anniversary of 1931 is a combination of 9 casks from 3 pot stills and 1 coffe still that were aged in either port or American oak casks from 1999 on. After combining the vintages the final rum is lightly filtered before bottling.

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21 1931 82nd Anniversary ratings

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Rigtig dejlig og lækker rom, smagte den samtidig med millonarios xo og der kom den lidt til kort, i forhold til den.

Very smooth and flavorful rum. Different from the 81st with a more pronounced vanilla note. All 3 1931 rums deserve a place in your collection.

Mange smagsnuancer, som gør den lidt forvirrende. Desværre føler jeg, at jeg står lidt tilbage med en smag af røg og måske også lidt lakrids. Tror jeg havde sat forventningerne lid for højt.

A lovely smooth sweet sipper. I really want another but it seems its no longer available.

God St. Lucia rom. Den nemmeste at gå til af 1931 udgaverne.

Sugar: estimated 18 GPL. Another winner from the 1931 lineup. This one is sweeter than the 81st version but has a similar full bodied flavour and aroma. Pleasing aromas of leather, tobacco, oak and caramel with maybe a trace of chocolate perhaps. Tastes of honey, vanilla, oak, baking spices with a trace of smoke. Well balanced with a smooth and lasting warmth. Aside from the sweetness factor, this is an old time rum blend of various aged rums. I have no idea of the ages used but the blend works. Some similarities to the Angostura 1824, but I say this rum is a better buy. Well worth having in your collection.

1931 4th edition - complex, rich, strong flavours bursting with spices and warmth, when  I am a little older I might be mature enough for this (im 45 next month!) Lovely colour and sweetness, a little heat on the finish but a bloody full mouth of lushness.

Nose: oranges and lemon with sweetnes and leather.

Pallet: hints of smoke and a really pleasent sweetness with a medium burn.

I wonder why people dont give a rum the prober name ? Its so confusing to look up.

Have heard a lot of this high rated rums, but way to much barrel tate for me, where is the sweetness typical to rum ?? and would like more deepth aswell.

Ingredients include 6 years old rum agricole . Very easy to drink


En lækker sød duft af blomme og karamel. Smag af vanilie, blomme og lidt lakrids. God eftersmag

I ordered the 1931 81st Anniversary Rum, but was shipped the 82nd Anniversary, which is much lower rated as of this review (7.38 for the 82nd vs 8.60 for the 81st). However, I am quite impressed with the 82nd anniversary!

This has notes of sugarcane, oak, vanilla, and honey. Very smooth for a 43%abv rum.

I think this is a very good rum, and a very good value at only $61.99 (Mission Wine & Spirits, 2015). Definitely worth a try!

This is a very good rum, it has a great taste, it is worth getting.

All and all I like this stuff but it doesn't wow me.
It is very simplistic and smooth.
The one thing I don't like is it is hard to smell or taste anything else but cinnamon
It almost reminds me of when we were young and we mixed tequila and goldslogger together.
hopefully I will get a chance to try the other 3 some day

To be honest i'm not a fan of added sugar in a rum. I like my rum sweet and can't say that I can tell that this rum has added sugar. I just hate the idea of adding sugar in rum.
That being said, it is a nice enough rum. the nose is good, the taste, well I don't really like the smokiness. Aftertaste is decent.
I know people that love this rum, it's just nor really for me.

to the 1931 (1st edition). Still quite funky and a little vegetal in some ways but is slightly more refined and seems to have blended a little better.

Still not as good as I was expecting though

En rigtig god rom, med god balance i både smag og eftersmag,

good work by producing that rum. Strong and great taste of melasse rum.

Jeg var fornyligt til rom smagning med Masterblender Søren Beyer.
En dejlig rom fra St. Lucia, blød i smagen med et hint af røg og lakrids.
En rom der er lavet på potstils og hvid eg.