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Beautiful simple bottle. Lovely dark color.
First smell from the bottle - Very sweet vanilla, sugar, caramel, grapes and prunes.
In the glass - Lovely dark color and wonderful legs. Looks very rich, similar to Zarcapa XO.
Nose - Molases, malt, conac, vanilla, coffee and caramel.
Taste - Sweet and woody. Lots of oak. Sugar cane, caramel coffee and chocolate. Nice long creamy finish with a hint of coconut. Fills out the mouth really nicely.

A very nice rum! From the top of the shelf and quite affordable. Lovely nuances in both taste and nose. Defiantly a keeper, and a “re-buyer” for me.

I found this to be a great rum. One of the best values there is (after the Ron Centenario 20 which is cheaper and even better imho).

Super easy drinking and smooth for 42% abv. Smells and tastes of molasses, toffee, caramel, burned sugar, honey, cinnamon, spice, and just a hint of orange.

A fabulous rum that I easily rate a '10'.

What an neat tasty rum. Honey sweet thik caramel vanilla woow doesn't give that burn at the end. One of my favourite

Så god, men straight from the cask er bare så meget bedre. Prøv den også.

Best of Esclavos, smoothest, deep color. But e.g. Opthimus 21 from same company is tastier.

nice smell.
nice Colour.
Nice taste.
Nice aftertaste.

For me one of the best rums I have ever tasted. Very smooth sipping run, beautiful nose and balanced honey taste.
Plus the beautiful reddish color in a great bottle, 10 from me.

On the nose you get sweet aromas of vanilla and fruit. When the rum have been breathing for a while in the glass the aromas gets even smoother.

In mouth you get smooth flavours of vanilla and caramel. You can also taste a bit of oak and spice. This rum is very sweet, in a good way. The aftertaste is very smooth with a little bit of oak and spice.

I nice rum but maybe a little bit of too much oak for my taste.

Nice dark color with coffee, butterscotch, toffee and caramel flavor. The alcohol is present at the first nose and disappear gradually. There is some notes of chocolate, cocoa and nuts. This rum is round, warm with a medium finish.

This rum is fantastic for this price. Great aftertaste. Full body aroma in my nose. Smart choice.


Helt klart min favorit som sipper- rom. Dejlig sød og rund i smagen og en super flot farve. 10/10

This is some good stuff.
So smooth and round with lots of sweet carmeltaste. You'd never guess it's 42% when tasting.

helt klart den bedste af esclavo flaskerne.
har noget mere at byde på end de to andre flasker.

Ron Esclavo XO Rum blander sig mellem de bedste fra Den Dominikanske Republik. Smuk farve og tilpas sødme.

super god sød og kompleks rom med et lille exstra spark. Helt oppe ved mange af de store rom i min bog. Lækker

I was looking forward testing this Rum! it is one of top 10 tested Rums at Swedish site and scored 9,2 out of 10 points. It is produced by one of my favorites Oliver & Oliver on Melass and Solera model up to 23 years. Nice smell of honey and syrup. The 42% takes down sweetness and takes forward more clean tastes. Strong aftertaste! Round and good. After new test I would like to upgrade this from 9 to 10👍🏻

Havde hørt meget godt om denne Rom. Så jeg glædede mig meget til at smage den.
Først gang blev jeg skuffet! Men anden gang, Vav, det var straks bedre.
Lækker duft, sød på den gode måde, og en rigtig god eftersmag.

One of last years absolute stunners! In that price range it is some of the best I have ever tasted. Sweet, silk-soft and so well balanced.! Fat body and a nice warmth to it!

Considering the price, this is some really good stuff. It's characteristics and quality is pretty close to another great dominican rum, the Quorhum 30 Aniversario. The nose is full with notes of caramel, coffee and chocolate. The palette is big bodied with ripe notes of sweet brown sugar, coffee, leather, wood and spicy tingles in a nicely rounded package. The afterburn is a sweet, long and creamy, warming sensation. To me the slightly more expensive Quorhum 30 still comes out on top though, with better complexity.

Pekne zabalený rum v mohutnej fľaši a papierovej krabici. Až neskôr som sa dozvedel, že master blender tohto rumu spolupracoval s vedením firmy Oliver&Oliver. Povedal by som, že to značne poznať. Väčšina "ultra prémiových" rumov spoločnosti O&O je viac menej na jedno kopyto, v žiadnom prípade sa ale nedá povedať, že sú zlé. Skôr si držia latku podobne vysoko. Rum Esclavo XO je veľmi podobný tejto skupine rumov. Je to pekný, aromatický a veľmi komplexný rum. Vonia po hrozienkach, medových plástoch, či vanilke. Chuť je sladšia a trochu výraznejšia, čo pôsobí príjemne. Podľa mňa sa mu nedá dať nižšie číslo ako 8, lebo spĺňa atribúty kvalitného rumu, aj keď sa na 80% podobá po všetkých stránkach na vyšší segment rumov spoločnosti O&O.


Der Ron Esclavo XO Solera reift nach der aufwändigen Solera-Methode 23 Jahre lang in Ex-Bourbonfässern aus amerikanischer Weißeiche. Verkostet zu Silvester 2017 :-)

Yet another amazing rum from the Dom. Rep. Sweet, warm, oak and with a grat mouth feel.

Excellent mahogany rum; promising on nosu with traces of smoke, vanilla; so nicely warm and long on palate, full body, off-sweet sugar.

Nice presentation and appearance. This rum tastes like Presidente Marti 19 to me also from O&O.
Dark mahogany colour in the glass , nose is brown sugar , treacle plus a bit of vanilla so you know its going to be sweet.. and sweet it is !! Almost too much , i think the 42% vol saves it. Taste also finds some wood in there as well. Very warm in the mouth but enjoyably so and the normal no burn in the throat with sweet rums..All in all this is a very drinkable rum but lets not kid ourselves why... lots of sugar and caramel colouring , im starting to question the need for all the "smoke and mirrors" with all these South American rums , are all the "extras" needed to make great tasting rums ? What was that Mr. Seale ???