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Old man rum project two spiced orange rum

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5 Old Man Spirits Rum Project Two Spiced Orange ratings

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Fresh oranges are the best, but artificially flavored orange scented liqueur sold as rum is not so nice. The Old Man Spirits Rum Project Two has a very nice bottle, and the Spiced Orange rum rivals the Pyrat 1623 in taste test, and hands down beats it in price comparison, but unfortunately this is spiced rum and not aged rum, so the 6 score is maximum it earns in my books.

Very refreshing orange flavour with an oak finish. A lovely drop.

" Orange kisses Rum " . Yes , very intense , beautiful orange flavor .
Almost a liqueur .
Very well balanced .

“Orange küsst Rum“. Ja, sehr intensives, schönes Orangen-Aroma.
Fast schon ein Likör.
Sehr schön ausgewogen.

Süsse: 7/10
Würze: 7/10
Frucht: 7/10
Milde: 8/10


This one I really like! Not to sweet, orange is not big but real and long lasting. Thanks to the old man!