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Captain morgan dark rum

Captain Morgan Dark rum is a blend of five different rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados. The blended rum mixture is distilled in a two part process using both pot stills and continuous stills and then aged for 2 to 7 years in charred oak barrels.

Since 2011, the Captain Morgan rum brand has used the slogan ""To life, love and loot."

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I know this isn't the best rum, but it is my favourite, refreshing drink with coke when in a normal bar.

What quite surprised how good this one was mixed. A good mixer rum at a cheap price.

Cheap rum for kids that only want to get drunk and throw up. This rum helps with the regurgitation burns on the way down and on the way up! Much better cheap choices. Thus is the thing my father warned me about he said spend a couple of extra dollars on a bottle you will save more than that on aspirin the next day. That describes this rum to a tee.

Rum with a dash of coke - plenty of ice - has depth and doesn't gave traces of vanilla through it like most others - when we talk rum we mean Captain Morgan

A good one with cola, I drink it if I want to mix.

Good for committing suicide, pleasing street bums or washing car rim's. Just don't bother otherwise.

Don't try pure, but it has definite qualities in coke or cocktails. I use it for cocktails that need a somewhat sweeter rum taste.

Okey for coctails. Its the rum when you want to go safe with a low price.

Syrup and (over) burnt sugar on the nose. Quite alright, actually! Taste is rough, aftertaste horrible. Glad I bought a 5cl bottle...


Only reviewing this because it needs to be improved or taken from pub shelves. Why do so many bars have this as their main dark rum option? I used to drink it in a tall glass three quarters full with coke. Didn't realise how sweet it was and didn't take notice of that sea foam froth it left behind. Stuff you drink in your 20s when you don't care. Wasn't long before I moved on from this to Jameson and coke, much better quality and taste for the same price. I'm turning into and OAP rum snob because of all these rum reviews and want for a finer rum, but besides that, it's fair comment that I won't drink this swill anymore. We're done Capn, it's over.

I think this was the first rum i ever tried. I remember it being nice with coke and a slice of lime and it would leave a foam around the glass as you drank it. Wouldnt spend my money on it now though, far better rums out there

Very spicy and strong after taste of not-so-good rum

Voor in een mix met Cola ia het oke rummetje. niets speciaals

Sweet and contains ethanol (bit too much distinguishable), so in all it's drinkable with cola, but far from being a good rum. If you desperately feel like having a Captain, the Golden Spiced will be a better choice.

I would rather drink another rum than Captain Morgan Dark if possible but it is good choice for low cost cocktails.

Not much to say about this other then this use the rum for the true and proper youngsters out there in the wide world.
Just try and get away from it add soon as you can, if you are a cm fan, and embark on the trail of all the good and finer rum out there. In my opinion Coke is better off without this in it.

Medium vanilla nose. Low to medium lighter body. Abv not well hidden but not aggressive. To small vanilla in body. Aftertaste is more gentle then start


Not big fan of CM.CM is a student go to bar splash.Bought it on discount in Tesco for 10 euros.Use with cola.Harsh burnt taste.Drinkable but not good.For poor students.Need to try the privat stock which supposed to be a lot better.

Gustul de rom pare unul artificial. Mi-am propus sa nu-l incerc si a doua oară.

En helt ok mörk rom.
Passar bäst som drink ingrediens.

Rien a voir avec le Spiced , on est sur un rhum foncé classique, boisé et sombre, parfait pour le cuba libre !

The beach summer rum that can be mixed with Coca-Cola

Captain Morgan, what else to say. Spicy rum for good price with terrible taste. Even with cola I prefer Havana and not Captain Morgan

Tastes awfull, not even Coke can save it. Disaster.