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27 Bacardi Reserva ratings

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herkomst: Puerto Rico
fles: 70cl
abv: 40%

Mijn eerste "sipper" en eerste rum die ik puur dronk.
Zachte bruine rum. Smaak van eikenhout, fruit, vanille en tabak en een lekkere zoete nasmaak. Mooie kleur ook na 3-5 jaar op gebrande eikenhouten vaten.

Voor deze prijs een prima rum.

If you ask me this is a nice rum to drink like that or with coke so a 7 from me. Pretty decent, not a bad taste! I have one at home more than often!

Un ron especial, muy bueno y perfecto referente de lo que es un gran ron RESERVA.

Nice, above average brown rum, although still with a burn aftertaste (bacardi style)

Bacardi Reserva is not a neat sipper since the alcohol flavor and taste is too strong and the burn is just nasty. Go with the Bacardi Oakheart over this one, mix it with Coke and you will be happy with the decision.

A good rum to mix with coca cola. Also a good rum to choose in a club.

The reserva is a classic one from my oppinion. I use it for giving my mojito that special taste

Right there with Bacardi 8 this was a first love of mine. Good stuff, excellent to mix w oaky flavor.

Comparable to the Havana Club 7 years. Use in cocktails.

Taste of this rum is nothing remarkable. It fall in the category of rums that I drinked after few first shots only mixed. It is nothing special but it will not slap you in face with bad taste.

I've always loved the spices in Bacardí Superior and this really tops it with deeper spice flavours, and golden sugar. It's the spices that are the real experience here, it's not an over sweet experience and as you would expect from Bacardí there is no roughness or sour. Mixes well with orange juice, the spices really come through.

Not that good, not that bad... this one is a bit to "normal" for drinking it alone but a bit too "special" for cocktails

There are better Bacardi rums to mix with coke. Not bad for mixing.

Voor de beginner puur drinken, denk ik stap 2.oke om te drinken, voor mij nu de beste in de koffie Hahaha

Medium smooth. Easy with hints of vanilla, caramel and oak. Only drink it with coke.

Bacardi can make a decent rum. I find the reserva to be a nice rum. I quite enjoy it.
Average sweetness and some taste of oak and vanilla.

I'm not that fond of most of Bacardi Rums, but I don't like the bashing if the brand either.

I find the reserva to be a nice rum. I quite enjoy it.


Average sweetness and quite easy: some smoke smell, some taste of oak, vanilla, caramel

I find cheap bacardi too much sentetic.Still clubbing drink.
But if prefer havana any day.
If there is really nothing else then this.
In the club then i drink it with cola.

Good with coke, don't like it for sipping too much. Nothing special.

For the same price you can also have the el dorado 8 or Havana club especial which are both better.

I drinked this rum as a sipper. Not a bad rum, but absolutely nothing special. A little bit to sharp alcoholic flavour. I think it tastes better with a coke.

with the reserva the Bacardi line is really getting into the deeper vanilla and oak flavours

I use this rum for cooking cakes, like Muffins, Neapolitans Babà and many more...obvious not a sipping rum! Pass over...