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Captain morgan black spiced rum

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I find it smoother than a black rum from Kraken. Haven't tried it mixed. Not bad straight.

I enjoy Captain Morgan Black for mixing. It is a bit harsh drinking neat, I figure the 94 proof does this. I prefer Dr. Pepper as a mixer over Coke for this one. Also, good with Red Bull that is similar to a Jager bomb, but I like this version better. I see a lot choose Kraken over the Black, but I like the finish of vanilla notes better on the Black as a mixer. A bit more going on than the Kraken and I feel smoother also.

Nice warm and spicy feel. Can be drinked any way you want. Neat, on rocks or in drink. I like its caramel taste with no overwhelming licore like others black rums. Thick and melow in mouth.

Not much to say, perfect for The Coke!
But a stronger and more powerful taste than Spiced Gold.

As the name implies, this is a very dark rum. As a relatively new rum drinker, this tool me by surprise. Color aside, in a mixer this is a rich tasting, smooth drink. I prefer it over CM original spiced. Glad I bought the 1.75L.

McDonald's would do the same. As others have said very similar to Kraken. Just a mass production take on things. Lots of vanilla and certainly a lot of sugar. Will do as a mixer and that's about it. But Hey it's alcohol so drink up.

Eigentlich nur gekauft weil das Label ansprechend war. Doch super Überraschung. Zimtig und Karamell. Selbst Lakritze und Beeren vermag ich zu schmecken. Sollte man mal machen. (V1.0.)

It has a nice strong aroma. It is allowis nice to ingeoi a glass of this rum after work. It is also very good in cocktails

Well obviously a try to cash in on the popularity of Kraken. Its a good mixer with a nice vanilla note.

The charred barrels do this common one some good. While very similar to kraken, this is a bit thicker and with less menthol and more cassia flavor. The only CM I'll drink.

Good in cocktails. Strong aroma. Great vanilla flavor. Most definitely will buy again.

Rhum qui ne goute que la mélasse et la vanille. La vanille prend le dessus sur tout. J ai l'impression de manger du mais aromatisé pour la pêche à la carpe. Pas mauvais en rhum coca (si on peut encore appeler ça du rhum).

Captain Morgan Black Spiced is for me a standard spiced rum.

I have to admit I am partial to dark spiced rums. This is smooth and not nearly as harsh tasting as Kraken. Great for mixing.

Not so much vanilla as other spiced rums, which is about the only good thing I can say about this. Even when mixed weakly with cola, the sweetness is overpowering. Slightly smoky with fake tasting sweet/spice flavouring. I have a few blocked drains that might benefit from this bottle.

It worked wirh coke, but i wont but it again. There are better rums that sre cheaper

Double blackened oak barrel makes it a nice black rum. definitely better than Kraken. I'll stand behind this one.

Well not very surprising rum from Morgan's, it's like black and spiced mixed together and bit mellowed. Good for Rum & Coke or "black rum" recipes, but not really for neat drinking. Can recommend for mixers, can't recommend for sipping (nor binge drinking, I usually got heartburn from this kind of rums).

Chutovo nevyrazny rum. Jedine co je citit je cukor :). Idealny rum pre nase polovicky.

Very sweet for a captain Morgan. Very high on vanilla flavours. Sweet enough to drink straight, but if it is a Vanilla rum you are looking good for I prefer Shipwrecked

Sobib ilusti kokside jaoks ja ka puhtalt. Mitte midagi erilist.

I reckon it is mainly the product of good marketing and is too sweet and strongly caramel/vanilla flavoured. It is made from "Caribbean Blackstrap rum", with clove spice, cassia bark, taste of cinnamon and clove.

I've never bought this bottle. I got one bottle as gift. Terrible hard taste. Usable only for cooking.

Unbalanced, nor overly sweet, which is a good thing. Probably mixes well. Not so great on its own.

"vanilla flavour is there but is mixed with a little Black Cherry and caramel"

Captain Morgan Black Spiced rum review by The Fat Rum Pirate

"rich clove spice and premium cassia bark"

Captain Morgan Black Spiced rum review by the Ultimate Rum Guide

Captain morgan black spiced rum