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Not sickening sweet (like Malibu) but well balanced and just the right amount of coconut. I like to drink it straight like their spiced rum, but its great with a splash of coke or gingerale.

It's a different vain of the coco/rum family but it does live up to its billing. I was most intrigued and delighted with the roasted flavor as it is finishes of a very good coconut rum in its own regard. Enjoy its a great mixer and should make for interesting conversation among friends.

I only tried one little 50 ml bottle of this, along with the same size of it's brother, Monkey Spiced. That was all I had one evening is 50 ml of each. So glad that I did not buy more.

The aroma is incredible, but that is where the pleasure ends since the taste just does not measure up due to excessive burn. Normally, I would rate this as a 5, but I have never had such a tiny amount of rum do such a number on my system the next day. If you have a long drive the next day, then don't touch this stuff. Since I had the Spiced and Toasted Coconut in one evening, it is difficult to determine which seasoning was the culprit. However, I would tend to think that it is from the cheap Trinidadian rum that both started out with and then aged for only 2-3 years. Start with crap and then there is no hope in the aging process.

Update: After trying Siesta Key Toasted Coconut and Spiced, Koloa Toasted Coconut, Blue Chair Bay Coconut, and Don Q Coconut, the coconut and spice is not to blame for the aftermath from this tiny little bit of Monkey. Therefore, I stick with my original assumption that a cheap Trinidadian rum base is the culprit for the ill effects the next day.

There are so many coconut rums out there and many of them are great, so it was difficult to think that someone could make something new but just as good. It's not as sweet as Malibu, but has more flavor than Cruzan...and it taste stronger than both of these. Not to be too over done, you should infuse it with something you like. This summer, I infused it with watermelon. I made a watermelon lemonade then added some of the infused watermelon to it. It was really good.

Not a very tasty coconut rum as I prefer Blue Chair or Topper's coconut flavored rum instead. Coconut flavor is ok with a strong dose of alcohol at the end.

I like this coconut rum.

I gave it a 6, because I like aged rums a lot more than flavored rums. But if you like coconut, you might like this one.

Tastes of toasted coconut and spice.

Better still, in my opinion, is the Koloa Coconut. :-)

After reading the rave reviews for this rum I thought, "Scooter would have loved this stuff". Scooter was my pet colobus monkey, who met his untimely demise after a rather loud accident involving a lit cigarette and an open bottle of Stroh 160. But that's a tale for a different day...

This is very tasty rum, to be sure. I still prefer the rich, fruity flavor of Koloa Coconut to this Monkey rum, but they're both better - by a mile - than the commercial stuff on the shelves. Speaking of which, Monkey Rum isn't on most shelves, certainly not where I live. But these people will ship to any state in the US, no questions asked: You're welcome!

First off just as I did with my review posted just a little while ago for the Monkey Spiced rum let me be upfront...I wouldn't know Zane Lamprey if he _____[fill in your own "I wouldn't know" punchline here]_____ but dadgummit, this is a very, very good coconut spiced rum he's selling.

Wow...deja vu all over again...

A clear rum with a distinct coconut aroma. Not overpowering like cheap coconut rums.

Now apparently from what I've read the rum itself originates from Angostura in Trinidad and is aged six to twelve months in oak barrels similarly to their spiced rums then infused with toasted coconut flavoring.

And it has a natural toasted coconut flavoring. None of that cloyingly sweet crap the cheaper rums sell. There is some sweetness to this rum but it seems to be from the cane molasses rather than sugaring or added syrups. It has a crispness to it that most coconut rums lack. And no artificial chemical aftertaste either. Any cocktail calling for a coconut rum would be benefitted by using Monkey Toasted Coconut Rum.

And like their spiced rum the toasted coconut rum is also quite smooth. Has a little burn to it that is nice and leads right back to the toasted coconut as a finish. They are two-for-two in my book.

Just like with spiced rums I have only two coconut rums that I'm willing to give a "9" rating (Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum and Koloa Coconut Rum) so this makes the third.

Another excellent job, Mr. Lamprey.

[NOTE: The bottle depicted here is an older design. They initially referred to it as "coconut rum" but now label it as "Monkey Rum with toasted coconut rum". Either way it is the same rum. You can see the current bottles on their website and read what they offer regarding repurposing empty bottles of their rums.]

The current coconut offering from Zane Lamprey's Monkey Rum is actually "Toasted Coconut". I don't usually do flavored liquors like coconut rum and the like, but being from Zane, I had to at least give it a try. This really is something different. The level of flavor is juuuuuust right and not too sweet at all. You can enjoy this on the rocks with its subtle toasty undertones or as a mixer. Join the Monkey Revolution! lol

I'm typically not a coconut rum man, but buying this along with the monkey Spiced rum decided to give it a shot. I am extremely impressed. It is sweet but not too sweet. Not too thin of a mouth feel, excellent finish. Other coconut rums tend to taste like sun tan lotion, but not Monkey. Haven't mixed it with anything yet but would make a fantastic pina colada similar. Would consider drinking this on the rocks.