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In the interest of full disclosure I only bought this bottle because my wife likes chocolate, likes coconut, and the store that sold it had it on clearance at $5 a bottle.

The aroma both in the bottle and in a snifter is very plastic. I was expecting some chocolate, coconut, or both but got plastic. Not a good start. Sipping some reveal no immediate flavor but given a little time I started detecting what I assume the manufacturers think is chocolate. Only problem is that it tastes more like the crappy imitation chocolate I remember in Canfield's Chocolate Fudge Diet Soda (which is a horrible soda). If there was a coconut aspect to it, I didn't get it. At only 21% ABV (42 proof) it has little warmth. It tastes very if it were to be used in a soda dispenser that carbonates concentrated syrups supplied by soft drink companies. This might be useful in some mixed drink but honestly I can't think of a single one this would work well in. I barely gave it a 2. I was expecting German Chocolate Cake and instead I got garbage. I'll save it for my wife but if she doesn't like it I'm pouring it down the drain and putting the bottle in the recycle bin.